063R Create your own luck (1)

063R | Create Your Own Luck

A recap of Monday’s discussion with Scott Trench, how to create luck and find opportunities, and some of Brad’s life lessons dedicated to his daughters.

On today’s show we cover:

  • Discussion of Monday’s episode
  • Why luck is an intersection of preparation and opportunity
  • How Scott seized opportunities
  • Why having a plan makes it easier to follow through
  • The importance of having high expectations of life
  • How the FI community is never willing to settle
  • Why one should lean into discomfort and learn to take action
  • How the local ChooseFI groups could potentially become masterminds
  • What creating luck looks like for Brad
  • Why success comes from joining communities and always being willing to learn
  • Brad’s life lessons dedicated to his daughters
  • Book giveaway and iTunes review

Links from the show:


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5 thoughts on “063R | Create Your Own Luck”

  1. I recently was told about Choose FI and I am committed to learn as much as I can. The information in the podcasts are awesome, smart, informative and help me to live my most authentic life!

  2. This episode and the Monday episode with Scott made me realize the answer to getting to a 50% savings rate is house hacking.

    I’ve been trying to follow the traditional (if there is such a thing) path to FI and maxing out my retirement accounts in index funds, but I realized it was because I didn’t have a plan otherwise.

    My wife and I are talking, but we are probably targeting a duplex purchase in summer of 2019. Now we need to save up the $25k liquid cash to make it more feasible and increase our odds of success.

  3. This was such a great episode. I’ve made the statement before “x is not acceptable or I expect more from Z but Scott’s quote from the Monday episode makes it so much broader—“I have high expectations for life.” It’s clear, defined and gives purpose. It was one of many great take-aways from this week. Another one that stood out to me was discipline=freedom. Although it may not look like it to an outsider– the discipline and hustle that is done now will lead to freedom in the future.
    Keep it up guys— The content is awesome!

  4. “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziggler

    It’s one of my favorite quotes! And I have it written on my “idea wall.”

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