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Securing Your Financial Life | | Ep 397

In this episode: cybersecurity, password managers, two-factor authentication, safely navigating the internet, and more hot-seat questions!

Have you ever considered how secure your finances are in the modern world? Within the cyber-dominated world we are all living in, it can be tough to stay on top of updates, passwords, and other necessary resources that help us keep our digital footprints safe. Well in order to provide you all with some high-level tips and tricks to stay ahead of the curve, we decided to have long time listener and cybersecurity expert Tom on the show this week to discuss how you can secure your online life. Keeping yourself secure and your assets safe is one of the best ways to ensure a progressive future as you move forward in the digital era while on your FI journey!

You can find the link to Tom’s Facebook thread here!


  • 1:44 – Introduction
  • 2:52 – Passwords and Password Managers
  • 13:22 – Two-Factor Authentication
  • 22:03 – Email Links
  • 28:38 – Cyber Financial Risks
  • 34:57 – Surfing The Web Safely
  • 39:14 – Antivirus Software
  • 43:57 – Public Wifi, Back-ups, and High-Level Tips
  • 55:18 – Look Out For Elderly Loved Ones
  • 58:38 – Tom Takes On The Hot Seat
  • 75:01 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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