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ChooseFI: Financial Independence

Join Brad and Jonathan each week as they break down the most current topics and trending issues within the Financial Independence community. They’ll share life-changing tips and actionable advice to help you rethink how to pay off your debt, slash your grocery bill, reduce living expenses, and travel the world for nearly free.

Hosts: Jonathan Mendonsa, Brad Barrett

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Rebel Entrepreneur

Get the entrepreneurial and start-up education we wish we had years ago! If you want to smash the belief that it takes money to make money and empower you to build a business and make money doing something you love, all without debt, this show is just what you need.

Host: Alen Donagen

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Everyday Courage

Want a life that’s true to yourself and your values and dreams? This podcast will help you get unstuck, find direction and overcome challenges. It will help you become a little more courageous every day to develop your career, your relationships, and your mindset.

Host: Jillian Johnsrud

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Our community helps people discover and accelerate their path to Financial Independence with the goal of earning more, spending less and enjoying the journey.

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