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The Language of Business | Ep 389

In this episode: interpreting financial statements, utilizing financial statements, balance sheet statements, income statements, cash flow statements, and valuing a business for its purpose.

Have you even wanted to learn the language of business? Not in a literal sense, by that we mean understanding the ways businesses communicate what their real value is to the general public and potential investors? Well if you have had this incredibly niche thought you’re definitely a member of the FI community, and you’re also in luck! Brian Feroldi is back on the show to discuss financial statements and the information certain financial statements indicate, as well as act as your translator for the language of business! Understanding this language can be a massive help in your own decision making going forward!

Brian Feroldi


  • 1:26 – Introduction
  • 2:44 – Financial Statements
  • 5:35- Read and Interpret
  • 8:58 – The Three Main Financial Statements
  • 13:33 – Balance Sheet Statements
  • 22:09 – Utilizing Financial Statements
  • 24:06 – Income Statements
  • 30:04 – Claim on Earnings
  • 33:58 – Cash Flow Statements
  • 44:13 – Valuing a Business for it’s Purposes
  • 47:22 – Not All Businesses are Equal
  • 50:16 – Conclusion

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