105 | You can Afford Anything but not Everything | Paula Pant

105 | You can Afford Anything but not Everything | Paula Pant

Paula Pant, creator of Afford Anything podcast and blog, dives into her love for travel, her rejection of the traditional 9-5, and how she built an income to match her lifestyle. Paula moved to the U.S. as a baby, just after being born in Nepal. Her only travel growing up was between Ohio and Nepal. Travel has become a large part of Paula’s life, but her desire to travel only … Read more

104R | Travel Rewards | End of Year Planning

104R | Travel Rewards | End of Year Planning

An update from Marla Taner on 2018’s best travel reward options, a hack for keeping your bills low, a review of Monday’s episode with Doc G. Jonathan tries out a new service to ensure that his bills are staying low. Billfixers.com says they will call your service providers for you and negotiate lower rates. You pay them 1/2 of what they save you the first year. Jonathan will report back how it … Read more

104 | Advice to My Younger Self | DiverseFI

104 Advice to My Younger Self DiverseFI

Doc G, writer at DiverseFI.com, shares his experience and mindset as he considers stepping away from his career as a doctor, and highlights the value of building purpose, identity and connection. Doc G feels conflict between a desire to stop working and a desire to carry on the good work of being a doctor. How did Doc G find financial independence? Having read The White Coat Investor’s book, Doc G’s … Read more

103R | The Apprentice

103R | The Apprentice

Captain DIY returns to recommend some accessible projects for the beginning DIYer, Jonathan highlights two recipe and meal organization apps, and several messages from the ChooseFI community. Brad made the best of Black Friday and his local community to pick up a ping pong table for his family. ChooseFI community member Olga recommends the Paprika app, which is helping Jonathan to plan his recipes, groceries and track his calorie consumption. … Read more

103 | The Trades Path to FI – Captain DIY

103 Captain DIY

Tinian Crawford, blogger at DIY2FI and licensed electrician, talks about his path to licensure, the advantages of trade jobs and his transition to pursuing financial independence. What jobs are represented in the FI community? Base salary for an electrician is $70 minimum. Many people go to trade school in high school or immediately after, so there’s very little financial education in the trade-work community. Tinian’s father built his childhood house, … Read more

102R | The Triple Tax Savings of Health Savings Account

102r triple tax savings

Brad and Jonathan explain the long-term tax benefits of using a Health Savings Account to pay for medical expenses, discuss the benefits of new index fund investing options, review Monday’s episode with Timika Downes. Brad and Jonathan are getting back to traditional health insurance, and excited about the Health Savings Account (HSA). Most companies offer health insurance options, typically including: Low monthly premium + high deductible High(er) monthly premium + … Read more

102 | From 90K of Debt to 6-figure Side Hustle | Timika

Timika Downes House of FI

Blogger and podcaster Tamika Downes reveals how she went from $94K of debt to owning a six-figure income-earning side hustle while continuing her job as a school nurse and raising three children. Timika’s early financial experiences came through immigrant parents, from Barbados, hustling and saving. Having a side hustle was common place in Timika’s family. Despite her family’s habit of saving, Timika finished her education with $94K of debt. After … Read more

101R | Side Hustle Coaching Series Part 4

101R _Blog_ Side Hustle Coaching

Brad and Jonathan talk about their experiences with W2 jobs and building side hustles, Jose shares his own side hustle tip, and Alan and Tallis wrap up the 4-part Side Hustle Coaching Series. Brad and Jonathan are jumping into planned spontaneity. Do your actions align with your values? Brad recounts how the accounting firm he worked for right after college, one of the biggest in the U.S. at the time, … Read more

101 | Finding your Side Hustle Idea | Nick Loper

101. Nick Loper. Side Hustle Show

Nick Loper, founder of Side Hustle Nation, talks about the benefits of developing a side hustle, and methods to actually develop a good side hustle idea. You can only cut so much from your expenses; a side hustle helps you expand your earning potential. Nick thinks working just a 9-5 job is risky – what happens if you get fired? Nick advocates several methods for developing side hustle ideas. Method … Read more

100R | Know the Rules

100R Know the Rules

Brad and Jonathan explain how simply knowing the rules can save you thousands on taxes and college financing, Brad talks through the IRA Conversion Ladder and Capital Gains Harvesting, and a few updates from the community. The financial independence movement is growing, and seeing a lot more press coverage. Messaging matters: The Wall Street Journal published one article with two different headlines. Pursuing financial independence isn’t about buying brown bananas, … Read more

100 | Welcome to the FI Community

ChooseFI 100. Welcome to the FI community

Brad and Jonathan look back at the ChooseFI’s growth during the past 100 episodes and hit the highlights of financial independence for new community members and recap their own financial independence journeys. Jonathan considers himself a reluctant frugalist, but the idea of not having to work won him over. Brad and his wife were natural savers, but chose to move from Long Island, NY, so that they could save more … Read more

099R | Market Fluctuations | Stick to Your Plan

099R Market Fluctuations

Brad and Jonathan review Monday’s episode about generous giving and resource stewardship, then catch up on voicemails and updates from the community about dental school, fall activity ideas, and the recent dip in the stock market. Jonathan recaps his recent family vacation and travel to FI Chautauqua Greece. Chautauqua was most importantly about community. Jonathan saved nearly $1,200 on a bill for his son’s broken leg just by asking for … Read more

099 | Generous Giving on the Path to FI | Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson, owner of a bacon-themed concession stand in California, talks about downsizing his family expenses, spending 8 months of the year managing a non-profit in El Salvador, and why generous giving is important to him. Mike worked in his grandfather’s concession business during college summers, then bought the business after graduation. Getting his products into the media requires doing something new and innovative, and something that media outlets will … Read more

098R | A Cautionary Tale in HyperDebt

098R A Cautionary Tale in Hyper Debt

An exciting conversation with Jared about his path to FI as a traveling physical therapist and his current 5-month trip abroad, as well as a voicemail about healthcare planning and a review of Monday’s episode. • Brad and Jonathan are releasing this episode while in Greece. • Brad talks about the challenges of buying foreign currencies before a trip abroad. • Travelers can open a Schwab Bank High Yield Investor … Read more

097R | The Good Dad Project

097R The Good Dad Project

A conversation with Larry Hagner from The Good Dad Project updating Brad on the recent financial changes he’s made in pursuit of more financial independence and his family’s budgeting strategies, as well as highlight’s from Monday’s episode from The White Coat Investor. Jonathan gives an update on his vegan experiment. Adopting a meatless diet was relatively easy, but going all-in vegan is more challenging. Dr. Dahle, from Monday’s episode, pioneered … Read more

097 | The White Coat Investor | Origin Story

097 The Whitecoat Investor's origin story

Dr. James Dahle, founder of The White Coat Investor, talks about getting his start as a doctor and a blogger, setting up inheritance funds for his children, thinking through his investing strategies, and the motivation that keeps him working on the White Coat Investor. Dr. Dahle describes his childhood in Alaska, and his early financial influences. Why did Dahle’s father encourage him to go to medical school? Dr. Dahle finished … Read more

096R | The Money Matriarch of the World & the Godfather of FI | Suze Orman & JLCollinsNH

Money Matriarch Suze Orman and Jim Collins NH

An in-depth conversation with JL Collins about a recent controversial interview given by Suze Orman, and clarification of what concepts are truly at the heart of the financial independence movement. Frugal wins of the week from Brad & Jonathan: garbage pickup and cell phone batteries. What questions did Dominick Q, from Monday’s episode, ask that were most impactful for Jonathan? Jonathan explains how he uses a planner at night to … Read more

096 | Drift | Dominick Q

096 Drift Dominick Quartuccio

Dominick Quartuccio defines life ‘drift’, advises Brad & Jonathan on how to take inventory of their habits, and evaluates the role technology plays in helping or hindering progress toward our goals. Best place to start is Episode 33 What is “drift”? Who is Napoleon Hill, and how did it impact Dominick? How in control of your life are you really? How does Dominick evaluate his own habits to evaluate which … Read more

095R | Call to Action

095R Call to Action

Brad and Jonathan get an update about the “Playing with FIRE” documentary, they recap FinCon 2018, and review feedback from the community about Monday’s episode with the Military Dollar. Brad and Jonathan just returned from FinCon in Orlando, Fl. The meet up during FinCon was a huge success. ChooseFI won the “Best Personal Finance/Retire Early Blog or Podcast” at the conference. Potentially as much as 20% of ChooseFI’s community are … Read more

095 | A Military Path to FI | Military Dollar

095 Military Dollar

The author of the Military Dollar joins Brad and Jonathan to discuss the various ways that service members can optimize their finances and choose financial independence, including retirement plans, financial planning, health care benefits and the GI Bill. Working in the military can set someone up to retire after 20 years with a pension and the ability to pursue whatever interests them. Why do many young members of the military … Read more

094R | Transitioning to Entrepreneurship | A Case Study in Estimated Taxes

094R Transition to Entrepreneurship

The logistics of estimating and paying taxes as an entrepreneur, Brad’s frugal win of the week, and emails from the ChooseFI community. Brad and Jonathan are at FinCon in Orlando, Fl. Brad describes his family’s frugal win of the week at Old Navy. Review of the tax implications of winning a non-cash prize. How do some entrepreneurs put themselves in a position to fail because of taxes? Case study: how … Read more

094 | Solo 401K vs SEP with Waffles on Wednesday

Mr. and Mrs. Waffles on Wednesday (WoW) talk about winning on a TV game show, starting their own business, learning the tax code to maximize 401K contributions, and volunteering internationally. How did Mr WOW win on the Price is Right, and what did he win? What were the tax implications of his winning? How was Mr Wow’s experience at the IRS building in Los Angeles? Why did Jonathan receive a … Read more

093R | Other Mountains to Climb

093R Other Mountains to Climb

Brad, Jonathan and Joe Saul-Sehy, from Stacking Benjamins, talk about what is rewarding to your soul, give feedback to a ChooseFI community member who’s considering selling his business, and recap Harry, the Ride Share Guy’s strategies for becoming the center of a niche. Hurricane Florence’s path didn’t go near Brad and Jonathan, but there were tornadoes. FU money is better than FI money. Meet up in Florida during the week … Read more

093 | Look at the Problem Differently | The RideShare Guy

Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy, talks about what it takes to be a successful Lyft and Uber driver, the strategies he used to start his blog, and how he transitioned from aerospace engineering to full-time blogging. What you will hear on today’s show: How did Harry find out about financial independence and choose to pursue it? What entrepreneurial ventures did Harry investigate before he started to really strategize? How did … Read more

092R | It’s not the Idea, it’s the Process

092R It's not the idea

Plans for ChooseFI to support education, the value of a life resume, travel rewards tips for active duty military, and hurricane preparation. Hurricane preparations in Richmond, Va. Alarmist or appropriately prepared? ChooseFI community offering to help people flee the hurricane zone. Wendy, a local-group admin, coincidentally stayed in an AirBnB owned by another local-group admin in Tuscon, Ariz. What are indicators that someone might be receptive to conversation about financial … Read more

092 | Will Boland | CarLotz |Entrepreneurship Case Study

092.Will Boland Carlotz

CarLotz co-founder Will Boland talks about making the leap from investment banking to entrepreneurship, the challenges and benefits of leading a growing company, and what it means to build a life resume. What you’ll hear in today’s show: How did Will become an entrepreneur? What was the inspiration for CarLotz? What experience during his work in investment banking gave Will the motivation to become an owner/manager? Will is 2nd generation … Read more

091R | Real Estate Inside an IRA

091R Real Estate Inside an IRA

An overview of how to own a house with an IRA, Jonathan attempts to optimize his recipes and shopping list, a list of the top 5 ChooseFI episodes and a travel rewards win. What you’ll hear in today’s Friday Roundup: Is the financial independence movement growing? “Playing with FIRE” documentary set to come out in early 2019. Jonathan and Dani are ready to accept the vegetarian challenge. How is Jonathan … Read more

091 | Rich Carey Real Estate | Building a Rental Real Estate Snowball Machine without Debt

091 Rich Carey Real Estate Building a Rental Real Estate Snowball Machine without Debt Wordpress

Rich Carey, officer in the U.S. Air Force, talks about learning to live frugally, buying his first townhouse, and building his real estate empire from one to 20 houses in Montgomery, AL. How did Rich get interested in financial independence? What did Rich’s frugal life look like before he found financial independence? How did Rich’s wife inspire their frugal living? Rich and his wife paid off their mortgage in seven … Read more

090R | Longest Vacation Ever

090R The Longest Vacation

Brad gets back from vacation, Jonathan talks about bringing vegetarianism into his diet, and voicemails from the community highlighting CLEP tests and a 401k win. Brad is back from a month-long vacation in the U.K. Is this Brad’s first experience with “slow travel”? Where will Brad’s family go next? If you can optimize small things, they add up. Brad joined a ChooseFI meet up in London, with Barney from The … Read more

090 | Vegan Path to FI

James and Steven pull back the curtain on veganism, talking about the health, lifestyle and financial benefits of veganism, alongside the practical details of how to actually make it work. What you’ll learn from today’s show: Terms for the conversation: Veganism: essentially a belief system. Vegan don’t use animal products Vegetarian: no meat products, but includes eggs and dairy Flexitarian: vegetarian most of the time Plant-based veganism: don’t eat any … Read more

089R | Let Me Check With My Accountant

089R Let Me Check With My Accountant

An introduction to the Family Bank and what ChooseFI’s accountant-on-call thinks about it, as well as how to navigate rental car insurance, and what soft skills are crucial to a career in retail? What we dig into in this Friday Roundup: Jonathan is exploring new, non-computer-based hobbies. It can be overwhelming to figure out what specific goals we want to pursue. You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. … Read more

089 | Retail Path to FI with College Investor

089 retail path to fi with college investor

Robert, from The College Investor, talks about his lucrative job as a Target store manager, building his blog into a highly profitable side hustle, his relationship with frugality, and the keys to success in a retail interview. What you’ll hear discussed on today’s show How did Robert end up where he is now – side hustler for life, and founder of The College Investor blog. What was Robert’s original business? … Read more

088 | Career Hacking the Tech Industry | Millennial Boss

088 | Career Hacking the Tech Industry | Millennial Boss

Millennial Boss and FIRE Drill podcaster, J talks about becoming a creator, career hacking, and salary negotiation, alongside of pursuing FI, side hustles, and a growing podcast. What challenges did J face when she graduated college without many job options? How did J become a creator, instead of a joiner? What moment gave J the motivation to change her life? What type of job did J first land, while also … Read more

087R | Autonomy Mastery Purpose

087R Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose

How to teach children lessons that set them up for success, discussion about using duel-enrollment and university co-ops to optimize college, and a strategy for cash flow balance transferring. Autonomy, mastery and purpose are what motivate people. How much more productivity and enthusiasm does autonomy create? What would it look like to instill these values and develop them in young children? Where do things suck – how can we fix … Read more

087 | Education Through Innovation | Don Wettrick

087 | Education Through Innovation | Don Wettrick

Don Wettrick, CEO and co-founder of StartEdUp Innovation program, and a current high school teach, talks about the cultivating innovation and creativity in the classroom, harnessing a learner’s internal motivation, and giving students opportunities to solve problems they’re passionate about. What you’ll hear from Don Wettrick: Why and how did Don create an Innovation course at his school, and ultimately the StartEdUp Innovation program? What was challenging about getting his … Read more

086R | Pretirement | Roger Whitney

086R Pretirement

A live-recorded conversation with Roger Whitney, the Retirement Answer Man, from Podcast Movement, questions for a potential accountant, and takeaways from Monday’s live case study with Allison Goddard. What you’ll hear in today’s episode: Brad is departing for a month-long family vacation to the U.K. What is “global entry” and how/why did Brad get it before his trip? Jonathan had a chance to meet up with Allison., from Episode 86. … Read more

086 | A Live Case Study with Physician on FIRE and Allison Goddard

086. A Live Case Study with Physician on FIRE and Allison Goddard

Allison Goddard, a dermatologist from Chattanooga, Tenn., chats with ChooseFI and Physician on FIRE to review her journey through medical school and receive advice to clarify the next steps in her path toward financial independence. What you’ll hear in this episode: Allison Goddard, a physician from Tennessee, is getting started on her financial freedom, having paid off $270,000 of loans. When and why did Allison decide to become a doctor? … Read more

085R | Sidehustle Coaching Series 3 | Learn to Pitch and Lean into the Uncomfortable Pause

085R _ Side Hustle Coaching

Catch up with Alan and Tallis as they zero in on the key elements of a successful pitch, and the importance of uncomfortable silence, as well as a home improvement update from Jonathan and review of Monday’s episode with author M.K. Williams. What you’ll hear in today’s show: Jonathan reports a wallpaper challenge/ DIY fail in his kitchen. Recommendation: use drywall mud to fix blemishes in drywall after removing wall … Read more

085 | From Passion to Profit | M.K. Williams

085 | From Passion to Profit | M.K. Williams

Science-fiction author M.K. Williams talks about her journey toward financial independence, the decisions she’s made along the way, and self-publishing her first three novels. How did Mary Kate and her husband get started on their path to financial independence? What adjustments did they make while sticking close to the Early Retirement Extreme plan, and why did they choose to make those decisions? How did MK’s house hack work? What did … Read more

084R | Mindset of FI

084R The Mindset of FI

The essential steps to a FI mindset, travel rewards updates from Brad, voicemails from the community, and highlights from Monday’s episode with Jillian from Montana Money Matters. Brad’s 15-year-old Honda might breakdown soon. How much should he be willing to spend on repairs? How much does depreciation impact specific cars, and how much should that weigh into Brad’s decision? Review of Monday’s episode with Jillian from Montana Money Matters. Discipline … Read more

084 | Montana Money Adventures

084 Montana Money Adventures Jillian Johnsrud financial independence

Jillian, from Montana Money Adventures, talks about simplifying her life while raising five children, valuing grit and resilience, taking risk, and the value of financial independence. What you’ll hear in today’s show: What does Jillian mean by “big family minimalism”, and why did she consider it a survival tool? <– LINK How did Jillian decide to adopt several children? What role do grit resilience play in her story, and how … Read more

083R | The Hobby Checkbox

083R The Hobby Checklist

Recap of Monday’s episode with Cody Berman, a checklist to optimize your hobbies, a highlight on the San Diego local group, and messages from the ChooseFI community. What great present did Brad receive from his mother for his birthday this past week? Brad recaps his first local adventure with his family. Jonathan presents an idea for a small business for Brad’s daughters. Will Brad be on the next “Survivor”? Jonathan … Read more

083 | A Second Generation FI Case Study | Cody Berman FlytoFI

083 FlytoFI.Cody Berman

Cody Berman, a 22-year-old recent college graduate and second generation FI, talks about embracing frugality, saving and investing in his youth, optimizing a path through college, and getting his Disc Golf business off the ground. What you will learn: How did Cody get started down the path the FI? How did Cody become familiar with the concepts of compound interest and the Rule of 72? How did Cody’s dad encourage … Read more

082R | The Paradox of Choice

082R the Paradox of Choice

Discussion of Brad and Jonathan’s purchasing habits, messages from the ChooseFI community, benefits and drawbacks of roboadviors, and a summary of capital gains harvesting. Jonathan gives a review of some travel hacks on a recent trip to Chattanooga, TN. Capital One Venture Card allows users to redeem miles for nearly any travel cost. PSA: bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate if you’re traveling. Review of Monday’s episode with … Read more

082 | A Wife’s Perspective | Laura and Dani

082 _ A Wife's Perspective (1)

Brad and Jonathan’s wives, Laura and Dani (respectively), talk about their introduction to FI, combining finances, budgeting with children, and maintaining balance. How did Dani and Laura approach saving before meeting Jonathan? How did Laura’s parents change careers to improve their financial status? How was growing up in Zimbabwe different from a typical American upbringing? What did saving money mean to Dani when she started working? How did Dani respond … Read more

081R | The Fear of Letting Go

081R Fear of Letting Go

Strategies for decluttering and living with less (reflecting on Cait Flander’s interview with us on Monday), life hacks from the community, and a winner for the free ticket to CampFI in Joshua Tree! The ChooseFI community is growing and gaining national attention. How This Couple Saved $1 Million in 11 Years and Became Financially Independent Before 40 Nine Money Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Local Groups are really effective … Read more

081 | The Year of Less | Cait Flanders

Cait Flanders, author of “The Year of Less”, talks about building $30k of consumer debt, challenging herself to go two years without shopping, and learning how to be comfortable in her own skin without the distractions of consumerism. When did Cait start blogging, and how did she start writing her book? How did Cait build $30k of debt? How did her Dad’s interest in money and finance influence Cait? Did … Read more

080R | A Case for Survivor, Compost, and 2nd Generation FI

080R Survivor Compost and 2nd Gen FI

Conversation about teaching your children to save and invest, healthcare options, and an argument in favor of home gardening and composting. Brad contemplates applying for “Survivor”. Review of Monday’s episode with Khai from AlabaMalaysia. How does Jonathan use the idea of “anchoring” in his own life: setting big goals so that even if he misses, good things still happen? Brad and Jonathan talk about how they would set little, achievable … Read more

080 | FI is an Amazing Race | AlabaMalaysia | Reverse GeoArbitrage

Khai Shing, a former contestant on The Amazing Race, and blogger at ALABA+MA+LAYSIA, talks about balancing her pursuit of FI while finding ways to travel, worldwide, at discount prices. Did Khai start with global travel, or with The Amazing Race? Took about 3 months from applying to The Amazing Race with her twin brother, to being selected for the show – traveling all over China. Khai grew up in Malaysia, … Read more

079R | Personal Brand

079R Personal Brand

Highlights of Monday’s episode with Tim & Amy Rutherford, discussion about healthcare, additional podcast recommendations, and voicemails from the ChooseFI community. Jonathan’s trying out gardening, and DIY projects around the house. What are the advantages of composting? Review of Monday’s episode with Tim & Amy Rutherford. FI is mostly about finding a simple way to live and enjoying the people around you. Housesitting is essentially creating a community and leveraging … Read more

079 | Embracing Retirement | Amy and Tim Rutherford

079 _ Embrace Retirement-Go with less- Amy Tim Rutherford

Tim & Amy Rutherford talk about early retirement, living with lower expenses and a busier schedule of fun, free activities, and what life changes they made to get there. What you’ll hear in this episode: How did Amy and Tim meet and what were their spending habits at the time? What did “frugal” look like for Amy and Tim initially? With enough money in the bank, cutting their spending gave … Read more

078R | College Hacking Toolbox

078R _ College Hacking Toolbox

Discussion of Episode 78 with Travis Hornsby and the positive feedback we received Jonathan has become a “rockstar” at selling things on Craigslist Tips from Jonathan on how to earn more money selling on Craigslist, including how to write a better product description Brad also decluttered his life by selling his old home and now has to determine how to spend the money that was just deposited into his bank … Read more

078 | Student Loan Debt Repayment | Travis Hornsby

078 _ Student Loan Repayment Strategies _ Travis Hornsby

Travis Hornsby, founder of StudentLoanPlanner.com, talks early retirement, traveling Europe, and developing a passion for helping people crawl out of student loan debt. What you’ll hear on today’s show: Why did Travis attempt retirement at 25? If you’re unhappy before reaching FI, will you be happy afterward? Where did Travis’ frugal tendencies come from? How did Travis get paid to go to college? Do many universities offer full scholarships, and … Read more

77R | Side Hustle Coaching Series Part 2 | Alan & Tallis

077R Side Hustle Coaching

An second part to the conversation between ChooseFi community member Tallis, who teaches dance classes in retirement facilities, and Pop-Up Business School founder Alan Donegan, to help get Tallis’ side hustle off the ground. Precursors to this episode: Episode 30 and Episode 56. Tallis gives an update on her side hustle to-do list. Client feedback: the questions you ask impact the results you’ll get. What is the best way to … Read more

077 | Travel Rewards | Marla Taner

077-Travel Rewards

Experienced travel hacker and world traveler Marla Taner shares story of reaching financial independence, and her best tips for getting to Hawaii, Costa Rica and the Caribbean with minimal expenses, using credit cards points and air miles. What you’ll get in this episode: How Brad and Jonathan come to know Marla What does it mean for Marla to be 3rd generation FI? What lessons did she learn from her parents … Read more

076R | Race or Journey

076R Race or Journey?

Brad and Jonathan brainstorm ways to implement local adventure into their own lives and the lives of the ChooseFI community, chat about high school reunions and local libraries, and offer a few clarifications about 401k contributions. Jonathan’s 26-year-old sister just hit an 85% savings rate. Living at home can be super helpful to the recent college graduate, or young person entering the workforce. Getting to $100k net worth is the … Read more

076 | Planned Spontaneity | Mrs. Adventure Rich

076 _ Planned Spontaneity adventure Rich

Mrs. Adventure Rich talks about making the choice to live an adventurous life, her family’s pursuit of financial independence, and finding a balance between maximizing financial opportunities and living a happy, fulfilling, high quality of life. Mr. and Mrs. Adventure Rich are anonymous bloggers from Michigan, who are pursuing both financial independence and living a life of daily adventure. How did Mrs. Adventure Rich get started on the path to … Read more

075R | Mainstream Adoption

075R Mainstream Adoption

“Personal finance is becoming financial independence.” Financial independence doesn’t necessarily mean retiring early; it means allocating your resources in the way you see fit. This is just a taste of what we discuss in this recap from Monday’s interview with Brian Feroldi from The Motley Fool. Jonathan talks about blowing his budget on breakfast at the cold bar in Wegman’s, while Brad thinks that grocery shopping at Wegman’s is the … Read more

075 | The Unfair Advantages of the Individual Investor | Brian Feroldi

Brian Feroldi talks through the advantages and disadvantages of individual investing, the realistic expectations for performance, and his strategies for beating Wall Street. How did Brian find the FI community? How did Brian start investing, and how has his strategy changed? Brian still focuses his investments on index funds, but has found that well researched and intentional investment in individual stocks can be really successful. Professional money managers operate under … Read more

074R | ChooseFI Scholarship

074R ChooseFI Scholarship

An update the community on recent activities, discussion about the opportunity cost of college and potential alternatives, a ChooseFI scholarship announcement, and a few voicemails from the ChooseFI community. What you’ll hear in the show: Brad recaps his trip to the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting in Omaha, and a visit with the ChooseFI local group in Omaha. Jonathan shares how he recently cut his grocery costs by nearly $700. Use … Read more

074 | Ryan Carson | Learn to Code

074 _ Ryan Carson _ Learn to Code

Ryan Carson’s tech-education company, Treehouse, teaches computer coding as a trade skill, giving students an opportunity to enter the work force, or change careers in nine months, at a fraction of the cost of a four-year degree. Ryan considers coding a trade skill, rather than profession that requires a four-year degree. Ryan founded Treehouse to help people avoid student debt, get a job sooner and start saving for their 401k … Read more

073 | Jamila Souffrant | Fail Forward | Journey to Launch

073 _ Journey to Launch _ Jamila Souffrant

Jamila Souffrant tells us about college internships, buying real estate right out of college, a few failed business ventures, and her decision to pursue FI, starting by saving $85,000 in the first year.   Check out what we cover today: Jamila is a full-time job, full-time mom, part time podcaster. As the child of an immigrant single-mother, how did Jamila’s childhood experiences impact her college and early professional career? She and … Read more

072R | The Five Most Important Financial Conversations you need to have with your Child

072R The 5 Most Important Conversations

Lively discussion about cryptocurrencies as investments, review of last week’s MidAtlantic Camp FI, and several exciting contributions and questions from the ChooseFI community. What you’ll hear in today’s roundup: Brad’s brother is visiting from Santiago, Chile – how is he managing his path to financial independence as an international teacher? Review of Monday’s episode discussing Bitcoin with Myles Wakeham What are drawbacks of cryptocurrency? Is Bitcoin a good investment, or … Read more

072 | Should I Buy Bitcoin | Myles Wakeham

072 _ Bitcoin _ What Am I Missing _ Myles Wakeham

Myles Wakeham tells us how he discovered Bitcoin, how and why cryptocurrencies have to value, and gives us a nuanced perspective of where cryptocurrency might go in the future. Myles is a software developer. How did Myles come to invest in Bitcoin? Myles spent years figuring ways to pay his Bangladeshi software developer, until mid 2011, when his contractor discovered Bitcoin as a more effective method of payment. How is … Read more

071R | The Value of Soft Skills

071R _ The Value of Softskills

Brad and Jonathan compare their college experiences to Chris Hutchins’ from the Monday episode, they discuss the importance of owning your own FI decisions, and we get updates from several members of the ChooseFI community. What you’ll hear in today’s show: Brad considers starting a blog for his daughter as second-generation FI. Review of Chris Hutchins’ episode last Monday. Brad compares his experience of packing meals ahead for vacation to … Read more

071 | Silicon Valley FI | Chris Hutchins | Grove

071 _ Chris Hutchins Grove

Chris Hutchins, founder/CEO of Grove, a new, optimized financial planning company based in San Francisco, talks about how a life and career of entrepreneurship led him to the FI community, and his current business venture. And, how his new company meets the needs of the average person better than a traditional financial planner. What you’ll hear in this episode: Is Chris a risk taker or financial conservative? How did Chris … Read more

A 2018 Analysis Of The Dave Ramsey Baby Steps

Since the 90’s The Dave Ramsey Baby Steps have been synonymous with personal finance for middle-class America. I’ve listened to many podcasts and I’ve read many blogs, and Dave Ramsey’s name stands out to me above most others. Brad and I are a 6th or 7th generation media personalities. I don’t want to say that we are a dime a dozen, but there are a-lot more of us to choose from. … Read more

070R | Left Behind

070R Left Behind

Updates from Brad and Jonathan, review of Vickie Robin’s episode, discussion of how ChooseFI aims to handle politics, and more updates from the ChooseFI community. Notes from the show: Brad is moving houses, making good community a priority in his family’s life. CampFi MidAtlantic this weekend is Virginia this weekend, but there’s two more this year: Aug. 3-6 in Joshua Tree, Calif., Sept 7-10 in Little Rock, Ark. More info … Read more

070 | Your Money or Your Life | Vicki Robin

070 Vicki Robin wordpress

Author and FI pioneer Vicki Robin discusses the cultural development of overconsumption, how much is enough, and what else, besides good investments, contributes to successful financial independence? What you’ll hear in this exclusive with Vicki Robin: Vicki’s story began when she invested in long-term bonds at a young age, achieving modest financial independence very quickly Vicki and her partner, Joe Dominguez, hosted seminars about financial independence beginning in the 1980s, … Read more

069R | How to Start a Blog

069R Choose FI How to start a blog

How Michelle chooses her own lifestyle, the benefits of having your own blog and how to start one. Not a good time for a podcast? Check out the article, How To Start A Blog here. What you’ll hear on today’s show: Review of Monday’s episode How Michelle lives her lifestyle by choice Why it’s a great idea to start a blog The key when creating content Why now is the … Read more

069 | Making Sense of Cents

Choose FI 069 Making Sense of Cents wordpress

Michelle has a very successful blog, Making Sense of Cents. She shares her lifestyle as a digital nomad and how she currently manages not just her blog, but her whole life living full-time in an RV. What you’ll hear on today’s show: Interview with Michelle from Making Sense of Cents Michelle’s backstory The success of her personal finance blog How long it took for her blog to take off How … Read more

068R | 2 Worlds Collide

ChooseFI 068R 2 Worlds Collide

The next steps after Dave Ramsey’s Peace University, the importance of being present and food budget hacks. What you’ll hear on today’s show: Review of Monday’s episode Brad’s life improvement thanks to FI How to use Dave Ramsey’s lessons Question from Chris about Dave Ramsey What the next steps after the Peace University look like Why and how credit cards can be useful Jill talks about being nervous going back … Read more

068 | Financial Peace Graduates | What Next? | Andy Hill

068 andy hill bringing your spouse on board to fi

What comes after the baby steps and Financial Peace University? Bringing your spouse on board with FI, the benefits of paying off your mortgage and the next Dave Ramsey steps What you’ll hear on today’s show: How Andy brought his wife on board with Dave Ramsey and FI What his life looked like before The importance of finding a balance How he started with talking about the benefits of FI … Read more

067R | Finding Your Superpower

067R Finding your superpower

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, hacks to save money on everyday electronics and using donor advised funds to optimize tax payments. What you’ll hear on today’s show: Jonathan optimizing his house insurance Comment from Katie on using diamonds on engagement rings Examples of velvet ropes The importance of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable Sara shares a DIY success Voicemail from Daniel about saving money on everyday electronics Jaclyn share’s her … Read more

067 | Raptitude and Free to Pursue

067 _ Venn Diagram of FI

David and Helene talk about consumerism, getting out of one’s comfort zone and the importance of simplicity. What you’ll hear on today’s show: Discussion with David and Helene How consumerism makes us buy more Controlling impulses How Helene constantly gets out of her comfort zone Mental hacks for self control Hedonic adaptation Complexity vs simplicity David’s thoughts after blogging for 9 years The importance of focusing on what lights you … Read more

066R | Letting Go of the Emergency Fund

066R _ Letting go of the emergency fund

Understanding emergency funds, investing in your house and some college and library hacks. What you’ll hear on today’s show: Review of Monday’s episode Different scenarios for using emergency funds Where to put your emergency fund Consumers Credit Union rewards checking paying 3.09% on a balance up to $10,000. You can earn up to 4.59%depending on balance and credit card usage also. Jennifer asks a question about needing the fund in 2-3 years The different … Read more

066 | The Emergency Fund…Is it a Bad Idea? | Big ERN The Reveal

The Emergency Fund - ChooseFI

Big Ern reveals his identity, explains the different anxieties of retiring early and the opportunity costs of having an emergency fund. What you’ll hear in today’s show: Big Ern’s background story Why he’s revealing his identity Why he decided to be anonymous in the first place How much his blog has to do with his job The different anxieties he’s been through The risk of retiring at the peak of … Read more

065R | Don’t Waste It

065R Don't waste it

College hacks, a great credit card debt hack and the importance of not wasting your advantages. What you’ll hear in today’s show: Voicemail from Chris about replacing broken items Review of Monday’s episode with Mrs Frugalwoods Why you shouldn’t waste your advantages Voicemail from Steve about educational programs The student debt loan movement happening in March Voicemail from Noah about a college hack Voicemail from Millionaire Educator on another college … Read more

065 | Meet the Frugalwoods | Achieving FI Through Simple Living

065 _ Frugalwoods meet mrs frugalwoods

Liz from Frugalwoods talks about her blog and book, how she got started with frugality and the amazing benefits it brings. What you’ll hear in today’s show: The origins of the Frugalwoods Liz’s backstory How she found her editor How the blog got started The different expectations she set for herself How she started a new life philosophy The development of her relationships with money Why the ability to save … Read more

064R | Board Games

064R _ Board games

Brad and Jonathan discuss plans for Chautauqua, board game recommendations and a question from Michael about travel rewards. What you’ll hear on today’s show: Brad’s frugal wins of the week Jonathan’s grocery tracking Warren Buffett’s Annual Report takeaways Future episode teaser on actively managed funds How FI is all about the journey and not the destination Plans for Chautauqua Message from Sebastian about Chautauqua New on the following Friday roundups … Read more

064 | Chautauqua | Oh The Places We Will Go

064 Chautauqua founders

Chautauqua organizers join us on a call to share what the Chautauqua event is about, the great community that attends, and plans for the future. On today’s show we cover: A call with 6 different Chautauqua organizers from around the world How Chautauqua got started The single coolest thing about the event The perspective from Carl’s first Chautauqua The structure behind the event Why people make lifelong friends The benefits … Read more

063R | Create Your Own Luck

063R Create your own luck (1)

A recap of Monday’s discussion with Scott Trench, how to create luck and find opportunities, and some of Brad’s life lessons dedicated to his daughters. On today’s show we cover: Discussion of Monday’s episode Why luck is an intersection of preparation and opportunity How Scott seized opportunities Why having a plan makes it easier to follow through The importance of having high expectations of life How the FI community is … Read more

063 | Scott Trench | Set For Life

063 Scott Trench Set for Life

An interview with Scott Trench from Bigger Pockets on the creation of good luck, his background and journey to FI and using house hacks to reach wealth. On today’s show we cover: Interview with Scott Trench from Bigger Pockets His book: Set for life Scott’s background How he discovered the concepts of personal finance Why he wanted to bridge the gap between real estate and personal finance The tons of … Read more

062R | Change the World

062R Change the world when you Choose FI

We review Monday’s episode with Travis on the Playing with FIRE documentary, a voicemail about the new tax law and a discussion about tracking business expenses. On today’s show we cover: Documentary Playing with FIRE Some great ways to practice gratitude with children How film is a great way to market an idea How the community of FI can change the world Review of Monday’s episode with Travis How Scott … Read more

062 | Manifest Destiny of FI | Travis Shakespeare

062 Travis Shakespeare Manifest Destiny of FI

Travis Shakespeare is creating the Playing with FIRE documentary. He talks about discovering FI, how FI has the power to change the world, and how one misinterpretation caused him to reach FI much sooner than he should have. On today’s show we cover: Interview with Travis Shakespeare His approach to creating the Playing with FIRE documentary What drew him to the media industry The power of story How he wants … Read more

061R | Bandwidth

Choose FI Bandwidth Roundup

Today we recap Monday’s episode with Cory Mascara about mindfulness with FI, a voicemail about a medical tourism hack and a method to teach your kids money management at a young age. On today’s show we cover: How Danielle is starting a new side hustle Favorite life hack: automation Why discipline equals freedom Review of Monday’s episode with Cory Muscara The space between stimulus and response The improvements after practicing … Read more

061 | Mindfulness and FI | Cory Muscara

Mindfulness & FI Cory Muscara

Mindfulness Coach, Cory Muscara, shares his background as a monk, how mindfulness links with FI and the process of meditation. On today’s show we cover: Cory’s background with mindfulness How kept looking for fulfillment Why he decided to go to Burma and become a monk for 6 months The relationship between physical pain and emotions How his guilt forced him to get through with it How he learned to notice … Read more

060R | HealthCare Vs Health Insurance

060R Healthcare vs Health Insurance

FI Chautauqua in Greece Tickets just went live!! We roundup Monday’s episode about medical tourism with a discussion on more hacks, having more power over your job and the importance of the talent stack. On today’s show we cover: Jonathan’s new morning routine The Skinny Waist Fat Wallet Challenge FI Chautauqua Tickets for FI Chautauqua went live this week and will not last long. Although this is our first time … Read more

060 | Medical Tourism | Myles Wakeham

060 _ Medical Tourism _ Myles Wakeham.wordpress

Myles Wakeham shares the little-known advantages of medical tourism, how he covers his medical bills and his personal journey to FI. On today’s Choose FI we cover: How Myles stumbled on FI His background building businesses How he finds opportunities His experience with Bitcoin How Financial Independence is all about choice What to do once you reach FI How to find what you truly enjoy Why medical tourism is important … Read more

059R | Challenge Yourself | Leverage the Power of the Hive Mind

059R _ Challenge Yourself _ Leverage the power of the Hive Mind.wordpress

A review of Vincent Pugliese’s interview, the satisfaction of DIY projects, and voicemails about financial coaching and international teaching. Not a good time for a podcast? You can read the article inspired by this episode here. On today’s show we cover: Doing more ChooseFI Richmond meetups The limiting beliefs of not wanting to learn The satisfaction that comes from DIY The importance of a legacy binder A review of Monday’s episode … Read more

059 | Freelance to Freedom Vincent Pugliese

059 Freelance to Freedom Vincent Pugliese.wordpress

Vincent Pugliese shares his journey to reaching FI after changing his mindset towards life and starting a business. On today’s episode we cover: Interview with Vincent Pugliese His recent book: Freelance to Freedom Vincent’s backstory as a student How supportive his dad was His journey of changing his thought process Why it’s all about giving first How photography was his first time finding focus How his passion and dedication got … Read more

058R | Dark Side of Value

058R _ The Dark Side of Value.wordpress

Our Friday Roundup of Monday’s CampFI episode, a discussion on pensions and of the value of CFPs. On today’s episode we cover: • CampFI • How easier it is to communicate with people in the same community • Why the entire community is about life optimization • Amy’s Facebook post on why more change happens in groups • Write a review to win a ticket to the next CampFI • … Read more

058 | Annual CFP Roundtable 2017 | Kyle Mast and Danny Kenny

choosefi annual cfp roundtable

A roundtable discussion with two CFPs, Kyle Mast and Danny Kenny, on what financial planning looks like in practice, the importance of talking to a CFP and managing different types of risk. On today’s episode we cover:   Roundtable Q&A with two Certified Financial Planners Kyle and Danny’s backstory How they learned about FI Why you should use the services of a CFP How they act as an educator and therapist … Read more

057R | CampFI Roundtable 2018

057R _ CampFI Roundtable

A live roundtable discussion at CampFI including talks on the military, the flexibility of the FI plan and reaching FI before your partner. On today’s episode we cover: Camp FI roundtable discussion Everyone’s different stage in FI in the community Doug Nordman talks about the military and FI How Doug manages his time Miss Mazuma talks about the value of resilience Natalie talks about the importance of keeping the FI … Read more

057 | The Golden Albatross | Grumpus Maximus

The Golden Albatross Grumpus Maximus Pension

Grumpus Maximus shares his military background, his blog about understanding pensions, and his path to FI. In this episode we cover: Interview with Grumpus Maximus about pensions and the military Where the name Grumpus Maximus comes from The Golden Albatross Grumpus Maximus’ backstory How he discovered the FI movement How he wanted to quit the military but would then lose all the benefits His relationship with Mrs Grumpus about money … Read more

056R | Choose FI Nation

056R _ ChooseFI Nation WP

We review on Monday’s episode with some talk on the workings behind ChooseFI, as well as several voicemails on travel and career hacking. Review of Monday’s episode How these coaching calls are like Reality Internet Taking those lessons and applying them to your personal life How the ChooseFI business works The process of scaling a business Yolanda’s Facebook comment on not buying stuff she doesn’t need How the community has … Read more

056 | Popup Business Part 1 | Alan Donegan

056. The Side Hustle Coaching series part 1

A slightly different episode as it consists of a coaching call between Alan Donegan from the PopUp Business school and Tallis, who wishes to grow her business and make it profitable. In this episode we cover: First episode the year: Coaching call Call between Alan Donegan and Tallis on her new business idea Alan will walk her through ideas to grow her business Tallis’ business: dance classes for people with … Read more

055R | End of Year 2017 Review

055R_End of Year Review 2017.wordpress

A review of ChooseFI’s progress over 2017 about the great community, how open everyone is to helping each other and several voicemails on people’s paths to FI. In today’s episode we cover: A walk through the past 12 months How to help the second generation FIRE Richmond’s article on how far the ChooseFI community has come The different processes of FI How FI is about getting a bit better every … Read more