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Court From Modern FImily Returns | Ep 401

In this episode: finding unknown opportunity, creating your lifestyle as you go, overcoming the down period, real estate renting, and what reaching FI looks like.

Once you’ve set your FI number and put plans into action, it’s tempting to want to do everything in your power to reach that goal as soon as possible, potentially by working longer hours or cutting out expenses in your life in order to save more. But by doing this are you cultivating the lifestyle you want to live after your goal is met? On this week’s episode we are re-joined by Court from Modern FImily to update us on her FI journey, the changes she has made over the last few years, and her rewarding takeaways from being flexible on her journey. The beauty of FI is that it is a personal journey, and it’s one YOU create to reflect YOUR lifestyle! It is important to remember that by rushing to meet your goal, you may be adding more stress than needed, and missing out on the lessons, hacks, and new opportunities (or use experiences) that come with starting this journey! 

Court From Modern FImily


  • 1:51 – Introduction
  • 2:28 – Update From Court
  • 8:22 – Testing to Find Unknown Opportunity
  • 14:19 – Creating Your Lifestyle on the Journey
  • 20:10 – Overcoming the Down Period
  • 25:27 – What Do You Want Your Life to Look Like?
  • 28:30 – Finding Free Activities
  • 37:03 – Annual Passes and Finding Groups
  • 41:25 – Real Estate Renting and Simplicity
  • 48:37 – Flexibility and Taking Advantage of Whats Available
  • 52:04 – What Reaching FI Looks Like
  • 64:23 – Conclusion

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