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054 | Fully Funded Lifestyle Change

Jonathan makes a HUGE announcement about quitting his job. We discuss this big transition, how Jonathan will be planning for the future and the power dynamics behind FI.

In today’s episode we cover:

  • Huge announcement: Jonathan quitting his job
  • The reasons for doing this change
  • His thought process before taking action
  • Why Jonathan is able to take this decision
  • How his situation is optimal to take this leap
  • What has changed in his life over the past year
  • What triggered Jonathan to quit
  • How FI allows you to take decision in your best interest
  • The power dynamics involved
  • Jonathan’s path to FI
  • The importance of keeping relationships: quitting the job on good terms
  • How FU money should be operated from a place of power
  • The financial steps Jonathan is taking as he transitions out of his job
  • The importance of shopping around for life insurance when young
  • The dilemma with health insurance
  • How FI is about planning for eventualities
  • Teaser on a future episode about managing taxes as an entrepreneur
Listen to Brad and Jonathan’s thoughts about this episode here.

Links from the show:

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