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ChooseFI Calculators

Simple financial calculators to help you see interest payments and payoff value for amortized loans, how much money you’ll earn on your investments over time, and determining how much income to save for retirement.


E-Books & Infographics

E-books and infographics to help you take control of your money and learn how to slash your food bill, save money on your housing, transportation, and living expenses, travel the world for nearly free, and more. 

Travel Rewards Credit Cards

A financially secure life doesn’t mean one of deprivation. We love to travel and experience the world and we want to show you how to travel. Learn what to look for and how to choose the right card for you.

Frugal Recipes

Cut the cost of food, not flavor, with our favorite frugal recipes to help you cook up easy and delicious $2 dinner ideas. Eat healthier, save money, and enjoy time together at home with family and friends.

Educational Courses

Learning shouldn’t stop when you get a diploma. Add new skills to your talent stack, brush up on the basics of FI, learn how to travel the world for nearly free, and gain new skills to power up your sidehustle with these FI approved courses.

Our Favorite FI Tools

These are the companies, credit cards, accounts, and tools that we recommend over and over again because we both love and use everyday! Discover our favorite bank accounts, investing platforms, finance trackers, comparison tools, and more.

ChooseFI Calculators

ChooseFI eBooks and Infographics

Our Favorite Rewards Credit Cards

Educational Courses for your Journey to FI

Our Favorite Tools

Our top reward savings account

At CIT Bank you can earn up to 3% APY with a Savings Connect plan that gives you easy access to your money and a high APY.

Automate your investments

M1 Finance is a 100% free investment platform where you can borrow, spend, and invest all in one place.

Track your personal finances

Personal Capital is a personal finance tracker that combines all of your accounts into a single chart that gives you an easy to understand visual.

Student loans made simple

Compare rates to find the best student loan refinancing options that match you with refinance companies based on your specific requirements.
Eat Healthy and Save Money With the Laura Barrett Cookbook!
Slash your food bill with delicious $2 per serving recipes!