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063 | Scott Trench | Set For Life

An interview with Scott Trench from Bigger Pockets on the creation of good luck, his background and journey to FI and using house hacks to reach wealth.

On today’s show we cover:

  • Interview with Scott Trench from Bigger Pockets
  • His book: Set For Life
  • Scott’s background
  • How he discovered the concepts of personal finance
  • Why he wanted to bridge the gap between real estate and personal finance
  • The tons of different ways to reach FI
    The “Trenchinator”
  • Becoming a life long learner
  • His definition of luck: an intersection between preparation and opportunity
  • How he started the chain of good luck
  • How he constantly looked and found opportunities
  • The three stages of wealth creation
  • The core FI message
  • How real estate is about buying an investment, not a house
  • The different frameworks for to getting started with real estate
  • Where to include investment contributions
  • The different stages of house hacking
  • Risk, reward and leverage
  • How to get young people on board with FI
  • The message behind Bigger Pockets
  • Hotseat Questions
Listen to Brad and Jonathan’s thoughts about this episode here.

Links from the show:

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