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Turning the Tables on Brad | Ep 425

In this episode: the value of time, what are you optimizing for, bold moves, increasing your kid’s odds for success, and balancing deprivation.

Because we have put so many leaders, members, and experts in our community on the hot seat here at ChooseFI, we figured it was finally time we played fair and put Brad on the hot seat himself! With the assistance of Aaron Lee, a longtime listener, friend, and host of “The Next Generation Leader Podcast,” we ask Brad all the burning questions related to his FI journey. If you’ve ever been curious how Brad discovered FI, what led Brad to begin his FI journey, or what lessons Brad learned along the way, listen along as we re-live the path that helped form this amazing community!

Aaron Lee:


  • 1:10 – Introduction
  • 3:12 – The Value of Time
  • 8:18 – Balancing Deprivation And The Burden Of FI
  • 11:31 – Brad’s Snowball Starter
  • 16:13 – Brad’s Childhood FI Vision
  • 22:31 – What Are You Optimizing For?
  • 28:45 – Helping Your Kids Increase Their Odds For Success
  • 40:27 – All Of Us Are Working On Something
  • 46:08 – Brads Bold Move Update
  • 54:40 – What Else Fascinates Brad?
  • 59:29 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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