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Learning to Leave | Diania Merriam | Ep 416

In this episode: using your resources to create change, your employer is your customer, identifying discrimination, and abundance mindsets.

For some on the journey to FI, it may seem like you must at all costs continuously strive to meet your monetary goal as quickly as possible. However, staying in toxic and unfulfilling work environments to hold the course with your goal is not what this journey is about. This week we are re-joined by Diania Merriam to have an intimate conversation about leaving a toxic work environment, navigating internalized beliefs, and the power and control gained while on the journey to FI. The greatest part of this journey is not only the earning and having more financial resources, but rather learning that your money is a tool you can use to reclaim your time! Remember, striving for FI is never about deprivation or devaluing yourself, nor does it mean tolerating poor treatment in order to stay on track!  

Diania Merriam:


  • 2:00 – Introduction
  • 4:25 – The Resignation
  • 15:46 – Identifying Discrimination
  • 25:07 – Culture Shifts And Subtleties
  • 30:10 – Using Your Resources To Create Change
  • 33:12 – Allowing Your Money To Protect You And Coast FI
  • 40:28 – Operating From An Abundance Mindset
  • 48:57 – Your Employer Is Your Customer
  • 54:20 – Shifting From Saving To Covering Expenses
  • 62:30 – EconoME Conference
  • 66:56 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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