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Money With Katie | Katie Gatti | Ep 399

In this episode: finding purpose, misaligned values, being the product of your environment, the stock market as a source for wealth building, and modern two-player mode.

We encourage our listeners that there is no wrong age to start your FI journey, but for those of you starting your FI journey as a young adult, the firehouse of foreign information can feel overwhelming. Sometimes it may even seem as if you’re too far behind to even start! The good news is, you’re not! Today we are joined by Katie Gatti from Money With Katie to talk about how she navigated FI in her early 20s, and how she used a lack of knowledge as a motivator to get to a place of financial independence. Everybody starts this journey at a different place in their life and no two people are the same. By being patient and finding value in learning something new, you are certain to find yourself more motivated on your FI journey!

Katie Gatti


  • 1:36 – Introductions
  • 2:09 – Katie’s FI Journey
  • 8:32 – Finding Meaning and Purpose
  • 11:53 – Misaligned Value and Personal Finance
  • 18:58 – Katie’s College Decision and Education
  • 25:03 – Forming Yourself as the Product of Your Environment
  • 31:40 – It’s Never Too Late For FI
  • 39:03 – The Stock Market as a Means of Wealth Building
  • 49:09 – Modern Two-Player Mode and Setting Financial Expectations
  • 55:41 – Katie Takes The Hot Seat
  • 67:07 – Conclusion

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