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Vivian | Households of FI Update | Ep 402

In this episode: the beauty of community, misleading expectations, doing what’s best for your situation, and stress reduction.

The Journey to FI is hardly linear and is full of ebbs and flows. While it may seem easier to share your wins/successes within this community, we know it can be even harder to share the moments of this journey that feel like setbacks. On this week’s installment of the Households of FI series, we are joined again by Vivian to fill us in on how her FI journey is going, and the importance of finding support within this community. Everyone’s FI journey is unique to them, but it doesn’t mean that you are alone! The beauty of FI is that it offers you a community to share your successes, as well as share your struggles. By being vocal and unafraid to admit that you are having a hard time, you are not only sure to garner support from others facing similar battles, but can find a renewed sense of motivation to make you feel more accountable and present on this journey! 


  • 1:57 – Introduction
  • 4:14 – The Beauty of Community
  • 7:56 – Expectations Are Misleading
  • 13:37 – It’s Not Black and White, Do What’s Best For You
  • 18:30 – Ask For What You Deserve
  • 22:10 – Reducing Stress and Addressing Your Situation
  • 28:51 – Life Is Not A Straight Path
  • 31:02 – Retirement Withdrawals and The Market
  • 38:33 – You Are Not Alone
  • 40:14 – Conclusion

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