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Tax Loss Harvesting and Other Money Moves to Make During a Financial Crisis | Ep 205

Sean Mullaney joins the show to discuss the money moves you should make during a financial crisis and how to take advantage of tax-loss harvesting.

Tax Loss Harvesting With Sean Mullaney

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show

  • The 5 money moves to make during a financial crisis
  • What tax loss harvesting is and how to intentionally pursue tax-loss harvesting for maximum tax savings.
  • What a wash sale is and how to avoid it.
  • How to use capital losses as an opportunity to reset your asset allocation or move to a new brokerage that is charging less in fees.
  • What to do if you’ve already experienced capital losses this year.
  • Why having a Roth IRA can be a huge benefit during times of financial crisis.

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Conversation

Sean Mullaney is a financial planner and President of Mullaney Financial & Tax, Inc. The views expressed on this show are not tax, legal, financial, or investment advice for any particular person. Please consult your own advisor regarding your own particular situation.

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