Introducing our households of FI!! Part 1 | Ep 221

What You'll Get Out Of Today's Show

  • Meet the first 4 of our 8 Households of FI. Join this interactive experience where both subject matter experts and members of the community connect with and mentor these households to help reach their goals.
  • Troy and Lindsey are married with one child and recently paid off $88,000 in debt but are unsure of what to do next to set themselves up for the future. They both still enjoy their jobs but want to reach financial independence so that they don't have to work.
  • Matthew and Megan are a dual military couple, though he is in the British Royal Navy and she is in the United States Navy causing them to be geographically separated. Their goal is to be FI by the age of 40 and live off their military pensions taking advantage of international geo-arbitrage.
  • Vivian is a single mom earning a high income, but is also fighting breast cancer and in the midst of a custody battle. Her parents have no retirement savings of their own, so Vivian is including them in her planning. Her ultimate goal is to spend more time with her daughter, family, and friends.
  • Carol is 56 years old with just $300 in a retirement account. Due to her late start, her goal is to retire without having to worry that she can't support herself.
  • To provide information or resources to our Households of FI, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “FI Households”.

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    2 thoughts on “Introducing our households of FI!! Part 1 | Ep 221”

    1. OMG! The households of FI!!! Love it!!! Can’t wait for more! I relate to the older single woman and I’m soooo happy to hear your “never too late comments”. I don’t think age is a factor. We are never too old to get a fresh prospective. That’s why I’ve been listening to you. And it’s working!!! I will at best never be a burden to my daughter. And saving and investing has become a cool game at 66! Thank you for this wonderful podcast.

    2. I’m behind on my podcast listening. I really like the range of people you are including in the Households of FI. Looking forward to tracking their progress!

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