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Your Bold Move for 2023 | Dominick Quartuccio | Ep 419

In this episode: bold moves, building bold moves, dreams, themes, uncomfortable awareness, and finding energy.

For most people, a new year can signify new goals that we hope to accomplish. Regardless of where you are on the FI journey, the new year ushers in a time for change and welcomes the opportunity to learn and grow! In this episode, we are re-joined by Dominick Quartuccio to discuss navigating new beginnings and designing your “Bold Move” as we enter the new year. Instead of having a new year’s resolution which may remind you of what you didn’t accomplish the year before, try making a bold move that can act as a quantifiable metric for designing the life you want to live! The journey to FI is filled with ebbs and flows, and with that comes lessons that allow you to grow and learn as you find your way toward the life you want to live!

Dominick Quartuccio:


  • 1:21 – Introduction
  • 7:20 – Quiet Desperation And Community
  • 14:32 – The Bold Move
  • 22:28 – Building A Bold Move
  • 30:32 – Increasing Your Luck Surface Area And What Gives You Energy
  • 33:50 – Finding Your Theme And Dream
  • 39:28 – Uncomfortable Awareness And The Turbulence Of Life
  • 47:19 – What You Want Will Reveal Itself, Eventually
  • 56:27 – Using Bold Moves To Identify Dreams
  • 59:04 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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