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What to do with $2.5 Million & Real Estate Update | Scott Trench | Ep 426

In this episode: the 2.5 million dollar inversion, looking at the incentives, interest rates, your biggest asset, and potshots.

When you begin your FI journey, you may feel like you must follow a particular path or plan in order to achieve your desired outcome. However, the longer you are on this journey the more you realize that it is a personal one that requires adaptability when so many factors can affect your bottom line. This week we are back with Scott Trench from BiggerPockets as he shares his insights on investing and looking at your portfolio from an “outset” perspective, as well as touching on the state of the real estate market. It is important to remember that there is a lot of push and pull on this journey, and it is not meant to be perfect. While you may have expectations for your portfolio and your long-term plans, there will be times when you will have to make tradeoffs. Just as the market change may signal uncertainties, remember that flexibility while maintaining your long-term goals will allow you to feel more equipped to move through these times. 

Scott Trench:


  • 0:57 – Introduction
  • 2:05 – The 2.5 Million Dollar Inversion
  • 8:52 – Always Look At The Incentives
  • 12:49 – The Traditional Path To FI And PotShots
  • 17:45 – Your Biggest Asset/Should You Be Inefficient?
  • 25:52 – Executing The Concept
  • 31:12 – The Impact Of Interest Rates Today
  • 42:21 – The Commercial Impact
  • 52:10 – Buying Properties With Cash
  • 56:21 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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