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The Power of FI | Deanna | Ep 424

In this episode: budgeting, the power of FI, different funds, living in the present, and the power to make your choices.

No matter your background or the hardships you’ve endured, you should never rule yourself out for success! Ruminating over your past mistakes can make you feel undeserving of the life you want, but those same mistakes can actually serve as motivation to propel you further on your journey! This week we are joined by returning guest Deanna to discuss how her FI journey has progressed in the last 4 years, the freedom and power she gained from budgeting, and an update on her journey of overcoming adversity. Just because you feel you’ve hit a rock bottom doesn’t mean this journey isn’t for you. A large part of FI is making mistakes, learning, and changing. An even larger part of this journey is learning to forgive yourself and others and continue on! For those who do not think they are capable of achieving FI because of their past, let Deanna and this episode serve as an example of what this journey can look like when you act with forgiveness and intentionality! 


  • 1:34 – Introduction
  • 2:13 – Deanna’s Backstory
  • 6:13 – Budgeting
  • 14:16 – The Emergency Fund
  • 17:31 – Different Funds For Different Things
  • 22:50 – The Power of FI
  • 27:19 – It’s Not All Unicorns And Rainbows
  • 33:52 – Kintsugi
  • 39:01 – Living In The Present
  • 43:32 – Deanna Today
  • 48:10 – The Freedom To Make Your Own Decisions
  • 52:06 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode:

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