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The Valuist | Bo Loy | Ep 396

In this episode: evolution, knowing the rules, making purposeful decisions, automation, and the return of the hot seat!

In the advent of making money, oftentimes we can find ourselves torn between a state of over saving through budgeting and cutting expenses, and over spending just because we have the means to. But is that what we’re really looking for in our respective FI journeys? With thoughtful planning and proper action, maybe we can find a happy medium between the two that doesn’t feel over invasive. Today we’re joined by Bo Loy to discuss the concepts of finding adventures that don’t break the bank, purposeful decision making, and the perks of automating your money. Also, we heard your feedback! Back by popular demand this week, Bo Loy will be answering questions in our freshly renewed segment, The Hot Seat!


  • 1:26 – Introduction
  • 2:23 – Evolution and Perspective
  • 9:12 – It All Adds Up
  • 14:22 – Reviewing, Insurance, and HSA
  • 24:11 – Knowing the Rules
  • 32:00 – Tax Loss Harvesting
  • 37:45 – Making Purposeful Decisions
  • 44:02 – Finding Free Adventures
  • 49:01 – Automation
  • 66:17 – The Hot Seat Returns
  • 79:10 – Conclusion

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