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How Real Estate Investors Make it Work in High Interest Environments | Coach Carson | Ep 387

In this episode: real estate investing, the fundamentals of real estate investing, real estate investing variables, interest rates, and private money financing.

With today’s real estate market is it even possible to get some skin in the game as an investor? While thing’s aren’t exactly optimal for buyers right now, if you are creative and informed with your decision making, it is absolutely possible to get in the game! Listen along as Coach Carson joins the show to discuss how this is still possible and ways the small and mighty investors continue to succeed in the real estate market!

Chad Carson


  • 1:13 – Introduction
  • 2:09 – Elephants In The Room
  • 5:41 – What Is The Market Doing?
  • 9:13 – Interest Rates
  • 17:32 – Do You Even Go To A Traditional Bank Anymore?
  • 24:28 – Unknown Variables
  • 28:50 – Private Money Financing
  • 38:15 – It Always Comes Down To Earnings
  • 44:23 – Surviving 2008
  • 51:08 – The Cost For Private Investors
  • 59:38 – Conclusion

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