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The $100K Glorified Sleepaway Camp | Millionaire Educator | Ep 386

In this episode learn about college hacking, college credits for less, ACE courses, CLEP exams, and the most cost-efficient bachelor’s degree.

A college education may be the most daunting expense members of the FI community have on their horizon. As we all know by now, the cost of modern higher education has skyrocketed and has shown virtually no signs of decreasing or even leveling off! However, Gerry Born, also known as the Millionaire Educator, may have found a way to reduce the overall cost of said education while still retaining the aspect of freedom we in the FI community hold so dearly. Listen along to see if this alternative path to a college degree could be applicable to you or your loved one’s future!

Millionaire Educator


  • 1:11 – Introduction
  • 2:44 – The “College Experience”
  • 6:55 – CLEP Tests
  • 11:17 – Spending Credits
  • 21:15 – The Cost-Effective Option
  • 25:35 – ACE Courses
  • 28:48 – The Credit Stacking Experience
  • 37:12 – Pairing This Methodology with the Classic College Experience
  • 41:04 – The Most Optimized Bachelors Degree
  • 47:32 – Using College to Learn Your Craft
  • 52:53 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Episode


114 | Demystify College Scholarships | Brian Eufinger | Edison Prep

154 | Hacking The FAFSA | Brian Eufinger & Seonwoo Lee

Are You Prepared for College? | Brian Eufinger | Ep 460

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