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044R | The One Way Ticket

Today we discuss our takeaways from Episode 44 with Brandon Pearce from Pearce on Earth plus feedback from the community and our thoughts on international travel with our families.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • A discussion of Episode 44 with Brandon Pearce from Pearce on Earth
  • Jonathan’s frugal win of the week by having a potluck dinner and a movie in the backyard for his friends and neighbors
  • Jonathan is on a 3-day fast and his explanation
  • The importance of mentally anchoring when undertaking something difficult
  • Jonathan wanted to prove to himself that he could do it and to help with his impulse control
  • Brandon realized early that you don’t have security as a 9-5 employee
  • The power in your life shifts when you start saving money and that margin increases with each paycheck
  • The concept of ‘burn the boats’ in motivating you to success
  • Jonathan’s thoughts on safety vs. burn the boats
  • How your business can take over your life if you let it, so you need a work-life balance
  • Where are the pain points in your life and how can you make them better?
  • Brandon’s lightbulb moment when you have that first sale
  • They knew there was more to life that they could experience outside their ‘bubble of life’ by travelling the world
  • Jonathan’s story of visiting an international food store in Richmond
  • Looking for areas of fear and discomfort in life and leaning into them
  • Finding community both abroad and here in the United States
  • Brad’s thoughts on taking an international trip with his own family and what is potentially holding them back
  • Brad tracking his time and will report back with his progress next week
  • The value of telling other people about goals you intend to hit and how it keeps you motivated
  • Also, the value of telling a ‘story about yourself’ and how that will keep you motivated to do what fits that story
  • Voicemail from Vicky about getting out of their 9-5 lives and pursuing slow travel with their two kids plus how they used 120,000 miles to get 4 one-way tickets to Europe for only $20
  • The “one way journey” of life
  • Feedback from Andrew on the episodes
  • Different types of learning opportunities for your children
  • Voicemail from Kevin how he explained FI to the HR department at his company and how motivated it made him to keep going down this path
  • Itunes review of the week and book giveaway
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