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060R | HealthCare Vs Health Insurance


FI Chautauqua in Greece Tickets just went live!! We roundup Monday’s episode about medical tourism with a discussion on more hacks, having more power over your job and the importance of the talent stack.

On today’s show we cover:

  • Jonathan’s new morning routine
  • The Skinny Waist Fat Wallet Challenge

FI Chautauqua

  • Tickets for FI Chautauqua went live this week and will not last long.
  • Although this is our first time going, the feedback on this event has always been amazing. These 2 Epic weekends in Greece are the only Chautauqua events for 2018. Come join us in a small intimate 30 person setting where we get a chance to build our FI Tribe
  • For ticket Information click here or go to chooseFI.com/Greece

Other articles to check out for more information on Chautauqua

Review of Monday’s episode

  • How medical tourism changes the way you think
  • The importance of intellectual honesty
  • Email from Deanna about the different self pay medical options in the US
  • Ideas on creating a FI Health share
  • How the talent stack opens up new opportunities
  • How you can reach happiness before FI
  • Voicemail from Stephanie on how her life has changed through learning about FI
  • Voicemail from Jessie on being indispensable at your job
  • Voicemail from Millionaire Educator on teacher plans
  • Apple Podcasts reviews and book giveaways

Links from the show:

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