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The Unstoppable Force VS The Immovable Object: Clarity and Goal Setting Part 2 | EP 369

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? In this week’s episode, Brad and Jonathan continue their discussion from last week about clarity and goal setting, but this time they focus on ways to circumnavigate the seemingly immovable objects in our lives. Overcoming objections that prevent us from the futures we want can actually be surprisingly easy if you adopt the right mindset. Become the unstoppable force that shatters those barriers holding you back!


  • 1:00 – Introductions
  • 1:53 – Goals & The Aggregation of Marginal Gains
  • 6:58 – Manifestation
  • 14:55 – Clarity & What YOU Want
  • 24:27 – Becoming The Unstoppable Force
  • 30:10 – Controlling Monthly Expenses
  • 35:12 – Car Payments
  • 37:46 – Accounting For Your Mindset
  • 42:43 – Conclusion

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