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Millennial FIRE Bloggers To Check Out In 2019

“Millennial” is a seemingly dubious title, with the media blaming this age group as ruining just about everything from the wedding to the paper napkin industry–but we’re pretty stoked to find Millennials who are using the disruptor reputation to fuel their FIRE dreams.

The term “Millennial” refers to anyone born between 1981 and 1996–which is a huge age range and can encompass a lot of different people!

Of course, as the FIRE movement continues to grow and more diverse voices enter the space, we will likely need to add to this list and develop new ones–if there’s someone you know that should be on this list because they have a totally stellar FIRE blog geared for the Millennial crowd, please let us know!

Fiery Millennials

Blogger Gwen quit her corporate job to travel the world at the young age of 28. Her blog chronicles her adventures in freelancing, developing different income streams, and her journey to financial independence.

Check out Fiery Millennials here and the interview with Brad and Jonathan here.

The City For Millennials

Thomas and his wife are currently DINK (dual income, no kids) and tackle their path to FI as urbanites with tips to share. They offer advice to help city dwellers do more, save more, and enjoy their urban digs while still being financially responsible and living life on their own terms.

Check out The City For Millennials here!

The Frugalwoods

Liz and her young family live out on a homestead in Vermont having retired in their early 30s. As they meander through the woods and share their adventures in frugality, it’s an interesting peek at the post-FIRE lifestyle.

Check out The Frugalwoods here and Liz’s interview with Brad and Jonathan here.

Afford Anything

You’ve probably heard of Paula from her controversial podcast interview with Suze Orman, but her spending time with the rest of her content is nothing short of illuminating and inspiring. Paula prioritizes time over stuff–you can do anything, you just can’t do everything. Thus, the name–Afford Anything.

Check out Afford Anything here and Paula’s interview with Brad and Jonathan here.

The Green Swan

JW is 32 and blogs from the perspective of “The Green Swan is a metaphor coined to describe a deliberate approach to managing and investing money with a major effect: wealth accumulation, financial independence, and early retirement” as he journeys to FI with his wife and two children.

Check out The Green Swan here and the interview with Brad and Jonathan here.

Millennial Revolution

Founded by two computer engineers, this blog chronicles the alternative path these FIRE walkers have been aspiring to and challenges readers to think beyond the “get a job, work until you die” mainstream mentality. They share the choices they’ve made along the way and their adventures as they travel the world.

Check out Millennial Revolution here and the interview with Brad and Jonathan here.

Millennial Boss

J started her blog to chronicle her payoff of nearly $100k in debt and now shares her FIRE journey with an array of unique, and sometimes contrarian ideas to help save more money. She finds unique ways to capitalize on enjoyment without losing a lot of capital and her blog is full of engaging blog posts to get you thinking.

Check out Millennial Boss here and the interview with Brad and Jonathan here.

her interview with Brad and Jonathan.

Making Sense of Cents

Michelle’s blog started out as a personal finance blog. She uses affiliate sales from her website to generate enough income to live nomadically and how she pleases. She spent a stint with her dogs and husband traveling around in an RV; and they are, now, chronicling their adventures living in a boat full time.

Check out Making Sense of Cents here and Michelle’s interview with Brad and Jonathan here!

Guy On Fire

By using real estate and some creativity, Drew is working his way toward early retirement in his 30s. His claim to fame was going from being absolutely broke and in debt to aggressively working his way towards $500k in net worth.

Check out Guy On Fire here!

Millennial Money

Grant achieved financial independence at age 30 through a path of entrepreneurialism. His blog is geared at helping others master their money and taking alternative paths to get there–namely through online business and investing.

Check out Millennial Money here!

Reaching for FI

If you like experiments in life optimization and want them from the perspective of a young Millennial in the DC area, this is the blog for you! Erin shares her adventures living in a high cost of living area on a not so high budget.

Check out Reaching for FI here!

Frugally Reckless

Kristine is clever and has an engaging writing style that you’ll want to follow along with. She was an Airbnb host for over two years as she used it to house hack her half-million dollar home, and shares her other ideas and tactics to reach FI on her blog.

What else should be on this list that we missed? What Millennial FIRE blogs are you loving lately? We absolutely want to get your suggestions of where to browse next!

Also, if you want to weigh in on what really constitutes a “Millennial” we want to hear that too!

Check out Frugally Reckless here!

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Millennial FIRE Bloggers To Check Out In 2019
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