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105 | You can Afford Anything but not Everything | Paula Pant

Paula Pant, creator of Afford Anything podcast and blog, dives into her love for travel, her rejection of the traditional 9-5, and how she built an income to match her lifestyle.
  • Paula moved to the U.S. as a baby, just after being born in Nepal.
  • Her only travel growing up was between Ohio and Nepal.
  • Travel has become a large part of Paula’s life, but her desire to travel only grew in her adult life.
  • Rebellion is a form of seeking identity.
  • Once Paula started traveling did she fall in love with travel immediately?
  • What does Paula consider a legitimate visit to a foreign country?
  • Two weeks of vacation in Paula’s first few years of work after college felt too limiting.
  • Paula made a lifestyle change, and then figured out how to fund it.
  • Learning about and trying out freelance work introduced Paula to the idea that someone could work outside of the traditional 9-5 work.
  • Did Paula receive criticism when she quit her job to travel?
  • When Paula traveled for her first few years, she budgeted about $1,000 a month for expenses and chose to visit countries where the dollar goes far.
  • Paula’s tips for building connection while traveling:
    • Stay at hostels – more economical, and more social.
    • Meet the American, Australian, British, etc., ex pats, and meet their friends (build relationships, and travel slowly).
  • How did Paula restart once she returned to the U.S. after her 27-month adventure?
  • In pursuit of writing what she wanted to read, Paula became a personal finance writer.
  • When did Paula begin to feel imposter syndrome?
  • Default to saving, instead of default to spending.
  • Why does spending money create anxiety for Paula, and how did the scarcity mindset actually push Paula toward financial independence?
  • Passive income (real estate) was primarily meant to give Paula some financial cushion, instead of a means to financial independence.
  • Humans crave autonomy, purpose and mastery.
  • Reading about potential scientific advances motivates Paula to be healthier because she wants to be around to see it.
  • Self-care is work care.
  Links mentioned in today’s episode: Wait But Why “How (and Why) SpaceX Will Colonize Mars” – Wait But Why
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