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069 | Making Sense of Cents

Michelle has a very successful blog, Making Sense of Cents. She shares her lifestyle as a digital nomad and how she currently manages not just her blog, but her whole life living full-time in an RV.

What you’ll hear on today’s show:

  • Interview with Michelle from Making Sense of Cents
  • Michelle’s backstory
  • The success of her personal finance blog
  • How long it took for her blog to take off
  • How she got involved in the community
  • When she first started making money and how
  • Why she feels she attracts an audience
  • Her secret sauce to blogging
  • Her content strategy
  • The different inflection points along her blogging journey
  • Different blogging goals
  • What inspired her to become a digital nomad
  • Tips for people who want to get started with RVing
  • How she deals with her work life balance
  • Using Pinterest as a marketing vehicle
  • The different social media platforms she’s tried out
  • Her personal FI journey
  • Her course: Make Sense of Affiliate Marketing
  • Hotseat questions

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5 thoughts on “069 | Making Sense of Cents”

  1. Great episode. I love Michelle’s honest and straightforward approach, she’s very genuine. With the amount of money she’s bringing in and the fact that she and her husband live so simply, she shows amazing discipline and financial humility.

  2. This was a great podcast! I’ve learned a lot from Michelle and you guys. Rv life is a future goal. Keep up the great content!

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  4. Don’t know how I skipped over this episode before, but it is exceptional! I have a brand new blog, and look forward to taking Michelle’s class and learning “how she built this”!
    Thank you again, Brad and Jonathan for such great content.

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