065 _ Frugalwoods meet mrs frugalwoods

065 | Meet the Frugalwoods | Achieving FI Through Simple Living

Liz from Frugalwoods talks about her blog and book, how she got started with frugality and the amazing benefits it brings.

What you’ll hear in today’s show:

  • The origins of the Frugalwoods
  • Liz’s backstory
  • How she found her editor
  • How the blog got started
  • The different expectations she set for herself
  • How she started a new life philosophy
  • The development of her relationships with money
  • Why the ability to save money is a privilege
  • The benefits of working on frugality as a couple
  • How she became more confident without wearing makeup
  • How she teaches her daughter to not focus on appearance
  • The amazing community away from the city
  • How frugality makes you intentional with your resources
  • Frugality is about mental liberation and creativity
  • The power of gratitude


Links from the show:


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9 thoughts on “065 | Meet the Frugalwoods | Achieving FI Through Simple Living”

  1. I am incredibly encouraged by this episode b/c she literally says that making a blanket statement that everyone can do this is not correct. I’m 25 years late to the game and in the middle of launching adult kids into the world. We make more than ever before, and we’re out of debt except for our house. Nonetheless, we still aren’t able to save the amount we’d like to or get to financial independence at this time. Thank you for the honesty and admitting that there are different nuances to every story. Doesn’t mean I’m not shooting for FI, but it will not happen at the rate or to the degree that many of the FI people talk about.

    • We did it because we both worked, didn’t raise kids and saved, invested. Didn’t try to keep up with the Jones or anyone else. Kids are expensive for the middle class folks and we knew it in the ’70’s. Can’t make any income staying at home like older generations did, back when the man supported wife and kids.

  2. I am eager to read her book.

    I want to highlight one thing that Liz talked about which is how they, as parents, are careful not to focus on their daughter’s appearance. She even talked about encouraging the grandparents, who want to say, “look how cute you are”, to say things like, “look how brave you are”. It reminds me of Carol Dweck’s research where she has found that praising a child for the outcome (i.e. “look how smart you are”) pushes them further into a fixed mindset. However, when you re-frame the praise around the process (i.e. “look how hard you worked”), it encourages a growth mindset.

    One of my favorite episodes!

  3. Great show, guys. Today is March 8, 2018. My wife came downstairs with no makeup on. Well, apparently she’s wearing ‘foundation’, whatever that is. I knew she had listened to the show yesterday, told her she looked beautiful and gave her kudos for giving it a shot. She said she was bullied into it by our 8yo who was also listening to the episode. Apparently he even snuck in to her vanity area this AM to oversee the process. Hilarious.

  4. This show was full of poignant and practical information, thank you! I can relate to the make-up crisis; I stopped wearing makeup a couple of years ago (due to an allergy to mascara) as a gradual transition and it was so hard at first! I even considered getting eyelash extensions rather than go truly au natural. I really think I look just as good without it, but will occasionally wear it for a date or event. It has simplified my daily routine so much and now it’s hard to imagine the burden of putting up with it every day! Here in the Midwest, it’s pretty common for women to forego makeup, so that makes it even easier to say maybe this lifestyle change should be much more mainstream.

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