062 Travis Shakespeare Manifest Destiny of FI

062 | Manifest Destiny Of FI | Travis Shakespeare

Travis Shakespeare is creating the Playing with FIRE documentary. He talks about discovering FI, how FI has the power to change the world, and how one misinterpretation caused him to reach FI much sooner than he should have.

On today’s show we cover:

  • Interview with Travis Shakespeare
  • His approach to creating the Playing with FIRE documentary
  • What drew him to the media industry
  • The power of story
  • How he wants to the documentary to create a call to action
  • How he discovered FI
  • The FI community as a subculture and how it’s like an experiment
  • Why the documentary will get FI closer to a mainstream audience
  • How FI has the power to change the world
  • How Travis came about creating the documentary
  • Hotseat questions

Listen to Brad and Jonathan's thoughts about this episode here.

Links from the show:


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7 thoughts on “062 | Manifest Destiny Of FI | Travis Shakespeare”

  1. Great interview! At my current growth rate, I’m a long ways from achieving FI. But as Travis pointed out (at 27:55), just being on the path to FI can enable a sense of liberation and freedom. Having a $100K passive income portfolio isn’t enough to be FI or FU money, but it’s more than enough to be in a rare position of financial strength. Love the podcast! Keep up the great work everybody.

  2. Very much enjoyed this episode. Particularly Travis’s observation of how the FI Community is a subculture of radicals tying together two distinctly American ideas that, on the surface, seem at odds: the stripping away of received notions of complexity/necessities of life to understand what’s truly important together with our “glorious” entrepreneurial spirit and power of wealth creation.

    First I’ve heard this idea articulated and I think it’s spot on. Looking forward to the documentary.

  3. Hey Travis…

    This is my favorite ChooseFI episode ever!

    Loved your take on the cultural place the FI movement has today and historically.

    Also loved your Chautauqua story. So very glad you joined us!

    Oh, and thanks for the mention of my F-You Money post.

    See you in Portland for filming later this week!

  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Can’t wait to get the film out there and share the inspiration of the FI community!

  5. Great episode! Sign me up for this “army”! I definitely agree with the intersection of arts/writing/entrepreneurship and FI as a distinctly American subculture. Frugality (even a bit extreme) was a key to our Main Street business, which we operated for ten years. I wrote about some of those strategies in “Per-Money: Permaculture Thinking for Indie Biz Growth,” and continue to practice many of these habits. https://amzn.to/2M5DqU0 Looking forward to seeing the documentary.

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