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061R | Bandwidth

Today we recap Monday’s episode with Cory Mascara about mindfulness with FI, a voicemail about a medical tourism hack and a method to teach your kids money management at a young age.

On today’s show we cover:

  • How Danielle is starting a new side hustle
  • Favorite life hack: automation
  • Why discipline equals freedom
  • Review of Monday’s episode with Cory Muscara
  • The space between stimulus and response
  • The improvements after practicing mindfulness
  • How FI is all about life optimization
  • Why you should remove all noise and focus on the good stuff
  • Discussion on Jonathan and Brad’s wives’ coming on an episode
  • The recent stock market crash
  • Why you should only try to control what you can control
  • An email about second generation FIRE
  • A trick to help your kids learn about money
  • Voicemail on medical tourism and how a couple used it for IVF
  • Voicemail from Gavin on living life with purpose
  • FI Chautauqua
  • iTunes review and book giveaway


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  1. Surprised to not see any comments here congratulating the couple for the happy news of twin next gen fire. That’s awesome! I love listening to this podcast, it has quickly become my favorite. Not only for the excellent information contained therein but also because it makes me feel happy. So much entertainment making me laugh and cry, tears of joy, this is THE podcast for the world. Brad & Jonathan have started a true revolution that will change the world and I am glad to be on this train ride.

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