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We review on Monday’s episode with some talk on the workings behind ChooseFI, as well as several voicemails on travel and career hacking.

  • Review of Monday’s episode
  • How these coaching calls are like Reality Internet
  • Taking those lessons and applying them to your personal life
  • How the ChooseFI business works
  • The process of scaling a business
  • Yolanda’s Facebook comment on not buying stuff she doesn’t need
  • How the community has great role models that motivate others
  • Calculating your net worth
  • Brad’s frugal hack and huge frugal win
  • Voicemail from Peerless Money Mentor on using HSA funds to hit the minimal spend limits
  • Travel hacking with the Southwest Companion Pass
  • Voicemail from Hillary about getting a degree in Finance for a career path to FI
  • Comment from Claudia about her business model for the classes she teaches
  • Voicemail from Scott about his hack when packing a bag for travel
  • iTunes review and book giveaway


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11 thoughts on “056R | Choose FI Nation”

  1. Hey Jonathan and Brad. The business asset class is so important. For many of us, the small, low cost side hustle adds both $ and enjoyment. I recently blogged about how I was once an art mogul. It didn’t make huge money, but it was a lot of fun.

  2. SUCH a good point on using a qualified medical expense to help meet the minimum spend on a credit card for the bonus, and then reimbursing yourself from your HSA. I did this last year – I had very high out-of-pocket bills for the birth of my child, but I was prepared with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card. Managed to meet the minimum spend in one swipe, because I had a more than $4,000 bill that the hospital required payment for right away. (The total bill for the delivery ended up being more than $6,000 in the end! Probably should have had another card lined up…)

    No problem! Reimbursed myself from my HSA, and earned the 100,000 point bonus (plus the points from the “purchase” itself.) Not exactly fun to have such a high bill to pay, but if it’s going to happen and you can predict it, you can get a boatload of cash back.

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