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056 | Popup Business Part 1 | Alan Donegan

A slightly different episode as it consists of a coaching call between Alan Donegan from the PopUp Business school and Tallis, who wishes to grow her business and make it profitable.

In this episode we cover:

  • First episode the year: Coaching call
  • Call between Alan Donegan and Tallis on her new business idea
  • Alan will walk her through ideas to grow her business
  • Tallis’ business: dance classes for people with Parkinson’s disease
  • Reasons why dance classes work
  • Defining who are the customers
  • Defining who would fund the business
  • Planning out Tallis’ business model
  • Alan’s advice to find funding using examples
  • How to use reports as a pitch for funding
  • Alan’s tips: finding social value, building an email list, scaling the system
  • How to show that the business idea works
  • The importance in adding value to people who fund the business
  • Where to start with PR
  • The branding process
  • The importance of having a website
  • How ChooseFI will check in every so often
  • Why and how Talis will start the business frugally
  • The importance of being very clear who your customer is and how you can help them
  • How FI helps us become entrepreneurs

Alan’s key questions:

  • Who’s the customer?
  • Who’s going to fund your business?
  • What proof do you have that your business works?
  • What makes your business different to other similar ones?
  • Don’t sell workshops to people without money
  • Sell to people who have the same desire to fix the problem as you
  • How can you give back to the institution/company funding you?
  • Use a report/survey as data to support your business
  • What social good does your business achieve?
  • How could you measure whether the idea works?
  • Build credibility by involving other people’s stories
  • Build a list of contacts of your possible customers
  • How will you brand your business?
  • How can you minimize the cost?
  • Are you clear on who your customer is and how you’re helping them?
Listen to Brad and Jonathan’s thoughts about this episode here.

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