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Tools to Simplify Budgeting and Tracking Finances | EP 374


In this week’s episode, Brad and Jonathan discuss a variety of tools that can help you stay on-top of your budget. Whether you create your own tracking systems or don’t have any expense tracking systems in place yet, there likely is a tool mentioned in this episode that can help you get one step closer to your financial goals! Remember, keeping your expenses organized can help you take drastic steps forward in your FI journey!


  • 0:56 – Introductions
  • 3:57 – Identity Statements and Failure
  • 9:55 – The Post Tax Season Check-Up
  • 13:33 – The Large Tax Return
  • 17:34 – Simplifying Your Financial Life
  • 22:34 – Loading Your Financial Tool-belt
  • 26:25 – Tracking The Cost Of Your Life
  • 34:53 – Tracking Softwares
  • 42:17 – Envelope Systems
  • 46:44 – Should You Use A Budgeting Template
  • 51:56 – Conclusion

Resources Mentioned In Today’s Conversation

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