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Accidental Homeschooler | Ep 179


A lot of us have become Accidental Homeschoolers recently. Brad has said he’d never home school but is trying not to stress and find balance during the day.

Vincent Pugliese, from the Total Life Freedom podcast, joins the show to discuss homeschooling. He says homeschooling isn’t what you might think. It’s not making your own clothes and wearing funny hats. It’s about freedom.

He noticed that when his kids started school they spent less time together as a family and school brought more stress into the house, not less. He discovered homeschooling solved a lot of their problems and gave them much more freedom.

He encourages parents to let the child direct the subjects by what they are interested in. Focus on creating a love of learning.

Vincent put together a resource for the ChooseFI community. This includes:

  • a free copy of his audiobook
  • a PDF homeschooling guide
  • a live Q&A with Vincent and his wife Elizabeth

Get that resource here.

Vincent was on the podcast a few years ago, check out his full episode here.

Check out ChooseFI’s Accidental Homeschooler resources here.

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