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Is The FIRE Movement Over? | Ep 183

The Financial Independence movement was born from the 2008 recession, so no, the movement is not going to go away because of another recession. We need this information now more than ever.

It’s easy to think that living paycheck to paycheck, or even getting into debt, is ok during good times. It’s times like this that we need the FI lifestyle and many people will wake up to the fact that what they’ve been doing isn’t good enough. You must create some space between your income and your expenses. You have to save money, not just for retirement, but for life.

Creative businesses are finding new ways to add lines of business to their companies and finding new ways to earn revenue. Anything from writing a book to teaching others your craft. Even if you can’t make money in the traditional sense, there are likely ways to create new revenue streams if you look.

Use this time stuck at home to build your talent stack. What do you want to learn?

Brad sat down with his kids and went through The Simple Startup and was shocked at how deeply they took the lessons to heart. Get your copy here.

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