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059 | Freelance To Freedom With Vincent Pugliese

Vincent Pugliese shares his journey to reaching FI after changing his mindset towards life and starting a business.

On today’s episode we cover:

  • Interview with Vincent Pugliese
  • His recent book: Freelance to Freedom
  • Vincent’s backstory as a student
  • How supportive his dad was
  • His journey of changing his thought process
  • Why it’s all about giving first
  • How photography was his first time finding focus
  • How his passion and dedication got him opportunities
  • Paying off debt after going to university and getting a job
  • Why he decided to start his own business
  • How he learned from his failures and successes
  • The importance of being comfortable with staying uncomfortable
  • The 3 inflection points in his life
  • The push-back from friends and family
  • How wedding photography boomed the business
  • How his business started to come together
  • Why he was completely focused on debt
  • The importance of compound work, of taking off
  • How patience and persistence creates success
  • His actionable tips for entrepreneurs
  • How he feels about Financial Independence
  • The huge diversity in the FI community
  • How he teaches his kids
  • Hotseat questions

Listen to Brad and Jonathan's thoughts about this episode here.

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3 thoughts on “059 | Freelance To Freedom With Vincent Pugliese”

  1. Fantastic episode. I really appreciated hearing about giving genuinely to others first. In a world of “networking”, glad-handing and seeking stats (likes, connections, etc.) it is reassuring to hear about giving in a genuine manner.

    I especially liked Vincent’s life hack realization of how much he can make working 20 days a year versus 240 days as a journalist. Equally important is pairing it with low expenses. When you have no debt and don’t have a high lifestyle, the risks of entrepreneurship dramatically declines. It is one aspect I am trying to grow in.

    Thanks again Vincent and expect me to purchase your book. Sounds like an invaluable resource.

  2. “Your value was less than 3%”–wow. I like the element of anger as a driver to create his own business. “Most people will tell you you can’t do it; you follow the ones that do” “Patience and Persistance” ‘When you don’t need very much…”, I love this guy–I especially like guests who start with nothing. Just put a loan request in for his book.

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