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Common Sense Spending Guidelines | Housing | Ep 381

In this week’s episode, Brad and Jonathan discuss different guidelines that can help ensure your mortgage won’t infringe on your FI goals!

Becoming a homeowner doesn’t have to mean the collapse of your own financial stability! By planning ahead and working within your personal limitations, your journey to a happy, healthy, and simple life can continue unabated! Listen along to see if the common-sense guidelines mentioned can be beneficial to your situation!


  • 1:02 – Introductions
  • 3:01 – Insufficient Funds
  • 11:55 – Tackling Overdraws
  • 19:21 – What Can You Really Afford?
  • 26:36 – The Bracket Breakdown
  • 31:13 – FI-ifying Your Budget
  • 35:13 – The Payment Breakdown
  • 45:53 – Working The Table
  • 53:46 – Mortgage Factors
  • 57:30 – Make The Best Decision For YOU
  • 68:43 – Conclusion

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