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Name Your Fear, Control Your Risk | Ep 382

It seems like we are currently living in some of the most interesting financial times ever to have occurred. Cryptocurrencies are seemingly disappearing overnight, interest rates are shooting up, and the inflation rate continues to climb. While all of these examples can cause one to be fearful, preparation and attention to detail are two traits that allow those in the FI community to stay calm. Identify your fears, control situations where you are taking on risks, and continue crushing your journey down the path to FI!


  • 0:58 – Introduction
  • 2:01 – The Tail End
  • 5:58 – The Most Interesting Financial Times
  • 13:26 – Housing
  • 18:22 – Conversation With A Friend
  • 26:06 – Components of The Monthly Payment
  • 34:40 – 40 Year Mortgage and Renting
  • 45:20 – 10% Intrest Rates
  • 53:05 – Crypto Sidecar
  • 57:15 – Crypto Security
  • 61:39 – Conclusion

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