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Can I Get An Extension, Please? | EP 372


It’s officially tax season! In this week’s episode, Brad and Jonathan discuss tax extensions and share some of their experiences paying taxes in the past. No matter what walk of life you are in, at the end of the day we all have to pay taxes. As members of the FI community, we should do our best to stay calm and tackle the task!


  • 1:10 – Introductions
  • 1:55 – Daylight Savings
  • 5:18 – Viral Nightmare Tax Scenario
  • 11:36 – Putting Aside Taxes
  • 20:39 – Extensions
  • 26:32 – The Not Genius But Still Genius Move
  • 31:17 – Larger Than Expected Tax Bills
  • 34:30 – Small Business and Side Hustles
  • 37:53 – Conclusion

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