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087R | Autonomy Mastery Purpose

How to teach children lessons that set them up for success, discussion about using duel-enrollment and university co-ops to optimize college, and a strategy for cash flow balance transferring.
  • Autonomy, mastery and purpose are what motivate people.
  • How much more productivity and enthusiasm does autonomy create?
  • What would it look like to instill these values and develop them in young children?
  • Where do things suck – how can we fix them?
  • Should parents be willing to let their kids work outside the system – risking a decrease in productivity and achievement at school – in order to let them develop an entrepreneurial outlook?
  • Why might it be valuable to forget about fixing the school system, and instead implement these values at home?
  • Josh, from Facebook, wonders how people are teaching their children important traits such as problem-solving, creativity, integrity, etc.?
  • Suggestions from the community:
    • Lawn mowing business
    • Car washing business
    • Selling copies of drawings
    • Refereeing soccer
  • How did Brad’s daughter become a data analyst?
  • Why is “what have you built?” a powerful question as society moves forward?
  • Voicemail from Nathan about credit card balance transfers.
    • You don’t need a specific balance transfer credit card.
    • Look for cash-flow transfer opportunities
  • Renata calls to talk about duel-enrollment for high school students in Arizona, to help students earn college credit before actually starting college.
  • When is duel-enrollment a greater benefit than an AP course?
  • Charlotte, from Facebook, talks about co-op programs through universities, which extends a student’s school timeline (5yrs), but includes intermittent semesters of internships and work experiences.
  • Join the ChooseFI Educators group on Facebook to brainstorm with other community members ways to incorporate entrepreneurship and creativity into the classroom.
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