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033R | The Friday Roundup

In today’s Friday Roundup we go in-depth on Episode 33 with Dominick Quartuccio including thoughts on self-improvement, meditation and a challenge from Brad. Frugal wins of the week plus three voicemails from the community.

Podcast Episode Summary

  • Unpacking Episode 33 with Dominick Quartuccio and our takeaways from the episode
  • Intentionality allows you to purchase your freedom, and we want to expand that intentionality beyond just personal finance
  • Our focus on living a happier, more content and optimized life
  • The ultimate luxury is the ‘perpetual money making machine’ to provide time and focus on what matters in life
  • How Dominick spent $28,000 this year on personal development. Have you spent any time or money on your own personal development?
  • Spending on things that you value, and directing money and resources as such
  • How to improve your life for $0 and learn and grow
  • Brad’s challenge: Make one change in your life this week that will make your life better
  • Break some negative habit and disrupt it in your life this week
  • Jonathan’s change this week: Eating carrots and salad without salad dressing
  • Meditation and breathing. Take one deep breath.
  • Brad’s description of his meditation practice
  • What gets you excited or nervous about life coming up in the near future? How are you expanding your horizons?
  • How Jonathan has learned by starting ChooseFI and how it has been the excitement in his life this past year
  • Discussion surrounding guilt over not feeling content with your “perfect” life
  • Limiting beliefs: Don’t let them hold you back and also go back and analyze the beliefs and stories you have been carrying with you your entire life
  • The value of making small changes over time to improve your health
  • Jonathan’s search for better tea
  • Feedback from the audience on Episode 33 with Dominick
  • Frugal Wins of the Week:
    • Holly saved money by not going to the movies and bought the game Outburst
    • Adlay fixed his air conditioner after watching videos on replacing a capacitor on YouTube
  • Quote from Paige how she only has control over her spending and savings rate
  • Discussion about contest with Alan Donegan on building a business
  • Voicemail from Jessica with new segment we’re calling “Highlighting the Hamster Wheel”
  • Voicemail from Royce who used our voiceover guy for his side hustle contest submission
  • Voicemail from Thomas about a side hustle to teach English to Chinese students
  • Itunes reviews
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