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083 | A Second Generation FI Case Study | Cody Berman FlytoFI

Cody Berman, a 22-year-old recent college graduate and second generation FI, talks about embracing frugality, saving and investing in his youth, optimizing a path through college, and getting his Disc Golf business off the ground.

What you will learn:

  • How did Cody get started down the path the FI?
  • How did Cody become familiar with the concepts of compound interest and the Rule of 72?
  • How did Cody’s dad encourage saving money when he was really young?
  • When did Cody start his first job?
  • How did Cody’s mom encourage his understanding of time as his most valuable asset, instead of money?
  • Why did Cody turn down the highly competitive, high paying internships in college, and how did people respond?
  • What advice would Cody give to peers or someone a few years younger than him, to get an even better start toward financial independence?
  • What are the long-term financial benefits of CLEP tests and AP exams?
  • Cody recommends applying for one scholarship a day. Where should someone start?
  • What hack does Cody recommend for someone who needs to apply for a large number of scholarships or jobs?
  • What advice would Cody give to a student beginning college?
  • How much research did Cody do prior to choosing a job during college?
  • What makes a great college job?
  • What inspired Cody to start a side hustle and how did he settle on what?
  • What makes Disc Golf a great FI hobby?
  • How did Cody identify the niche that his business fits into?
  • Is Arsenal Discs what Cody hoped it would be?
  • What’s the time commitment to maintain the business?
  • What is Cody’s frustration with the current FI conversation, and why doesn’t he have a FI number?
  • Why not follow your passions now?
  • Was Cody able to finish college early with AP credits?
  • What is the benefit of ride-sharing and house-sharing businesses, and how does Cody take advantage of these opportunities?


Resources and links mentioned in the show:



Arsenal Discs



Mr. Money Mustache: Money & Confidence are Interchangeable


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  1. This was an amazing episode. Extremely helpful in putting everything in perspective and resetting priorities. Very thankful for the time you spent on this podcast, Cody – and look forward to the content you’ll bring in the future. Please stay a part of the ChooseFI family! 🙂

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