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083R | The Hobby Checkbox

Recap of Monday’s episode with Cody Berman, a checklist to optimize your hobbies, a highlight on the San Diego local group, and messages from the ChooseFI community.
  • What great present did Brad receive from his mother for his birthday this past week?
  • Brad recaps his first local adventure with his family.
  • Jonathan presents an idea for a small business for Brad’s daughters.
  • Will Brad be on the next “Survivor”?
  • Jonathan remarks about the advantages of taking challenging courses in high school and earning early college credits.
  • How can students finish college early, to minimize the opportunity costs of college?
  • Brad recommends setting up “canned responses” in Gmail to optimize your emailing.
  • Review of the value of jobs in college and what types of jobs could be the best for a student.
  • How can one job help develop your FI potential in multiple ways?
  • How can you optimize your hobbies?
  • Related article: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Hobbies
  • Jonathan’s checklist for hobbies
    • 1. Enjoyment: it’s bringing enjoyment to your life.
    • 2. Cost: it fits within a price range that you’re comfortable with.
    • 3. Networking: brings you into a community.
    • 4. Fitness: it makes you healthier.
    • 5. Skillset: it adds to your current skillsets.
  • Brad mentions the importance of pursuing mastery.
  • Brad and Jonathan practice evaluating hobbies, determining whether they’re productive hobbies.
  • Brad and Jonathan will be at Project Movement in Philadelphia. Catch up with them for a ChooseFi meet up on Sunday, July 22 at Yard Brewing Co. at 6 p.m.
  • The San Diego ChooseFi group has begun using real-life submitted scenarios to develop FI plans for group members.
  • Dan, from Facebook, is excited about replacing the air filter in his car – learning a new skill and saving money on car maintenance.
  • Charlene is excited that her 15-year-old son requested setting up a Roth IRA for her son.
  • Daniel, an active ChooseFi listener, mentions that the Navy Federal Credit Union just opened a new platform called “Easy Start Investor” for Navy Federal members, which shares some similar advantages as M1 Finance.
  • Jonathan summarizes some of the benefits of M1. Check out our full review of M1 Finance to learn more.
  • Message from Prussant, spoke with a group of new, young-adult recruits at work to introduce them to the concepts of financial independence.
  • Leave a ChooseFI review by Monday, July 16, to win a set of discs from Cody Berman.
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