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Day 0 Self | EP 366

In this week’s episode, Brad and Jonathan discuss the importance behind moment you decide it is time to make a change in your life. While making the decision to alter your life for the better is often easy, actually consistently carrying out that goal can be tough to do. We all hit road blocks, we all stray from our goals, but being able to correct your path is vital to actually changing for the better! Keep track of your progress and set yourself up to success!


  • 0:00 – Introductions
  • 1:09 – Favorite Two Days of the Year/Berkshire Hathaway
  • 6:18 – Bumming On The Couch Story
  • 12:36 – What Are You Pivoting Towards?
  • 16:07 – Making The FI Choice
  • 19:43 – Journaling Thoughts
  • 24:54 – What Compels Change?
  • 29:50 – Accountability
  • 33:10 – Subconscious Guard Rails
  • 38:10 – 1% Changes Add Up
  • 40:45 – The Goal of Paying Off Credit Card Debt
  • 43:10 – Conclusion

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