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“Personal finance is becoming financial independence.” Financial independence doesn’t necessarily mean retiring early; it means allocating your resources in the way you see fit. Review of Monday’s episode with Brian Feroldi, about individual stock investment.

Discussion Topics

  • Jonathan talks about blowing his budget on breakfast at the cold bar in Wegman’s, while Brad thinks that grocery shopping at Wegman’s is the same cost as Walmart.
  • Brad talks about meeting strangers who also in the FI community.
  • Brad and Jonathan wonder if financial independence is on the edge of mainstream adoption?
  • “Personal finance is becoming financial independence.”
  • Financial independence doesn’t necessarily mean retiring early; it means allocating your resources in the way you see fit.
  • Do Brad and Jonathan own individual stocks?
  • What are the challenges to getting started with individual stocks?
  • Are individual stocks better as a hobby?
  • What are the strengths of the way Brian described investing in individual stocks?
  • A comment from Ray, in the ChooseFI community, that individual stocks requires too much individual management.
  • Cody wonders whether the current bull market might be playing in favor of individual investors, without having yet felt the consequence of the inherent risk?
  • How does Jackie, another ChooseFI community member, evaluate investment opportunities, and how did she get comfortable making investment decisions?
  • Tim reiterates the value of the Motley Fool, and the recommendations they make.
  • Frank, another community member, is concerned about a new investor’s learning curve: the time and money it takes to learn enough about individual investing to find success.
  • Is it possible to recognize large-scale Enron-type fraud by looking at investment research?
  • If you hold stocks from companies in similar fields, would it be better to simply hold a sector index stock?
  • Mr. 1500, Karl, worries about long-term investing with individual stocks.
  • Knowing when to sell individual stocks is an almost impossible task.
  • How are Brad and Brian getting their children started with investing?
  • How much did the ChooseFI community respond to the Treehouse scholarship proposal?
  • How can ChooseFI potentially connect students to mentors?
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