020R | The Friday Roundup | Introducing our First CrowdSourced Case Study & FI plan

In today's Friday Roundup we introduce our first crowd sourced case study from a listener and we have a challenge to you:  Implement one life hack this week that will make your life easier and less stressful and send it to us at [email protected] (or leave a voicemail on our homepage!) and we'll read it on next week's Friday roundup.

In Today’s Podcast we cover:

  • Our first Friday roundup after a non-guest episode which leaves lots of time for audience input, questions and voicemails
  • We want the podcast to be ‘By FIRE for FIRE’ and make it truly crowdsourced
  • Jonathan and Brad are living a normal middle class lifestyle, just smarter. We aren’t doing anything especially different – just optimizing
  • Brad and his wife Laura had a conversation about what makes their spending different than their friends and neighbors
  • While the fixed expenses are essential (home, cars, cell phones, cable, etc.) the discretionary expenses also make the difference between a non-FI mindset and one pursuing FI
  • How Brad’s kids are not constantly ‘wanting’ new toys, to redecorate their rooms, etc. It wasn’t intentional on the parent’s part, so the thought is that they saw the lack of wanting modeled in the house
  • Jonathan’s frugal win of the week: He superglued a broken lamp in his house and it is still working 1.5 years later!


  • Upgrading your house not only wastes money, but it wastes a ton of valuable time searching for these items and getting it “perfect”
  • Stressed lives and an ask of the audience: Implement one life hack this week that will make your life easier and let us know about it!
  • It’s so easy to get bogged down in the details of life, business, etc. that you miss the truly essential items that could move the needle and make a difference
  • Brad focuses on things he can get better at over a period of many years such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu and stretching/mobility
  • “You are going to be the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” and discussion surrounding it
  • Feedback from Deidra: She recommended SBLI for life insurance after hearing our Episode 20 show
  • Brad had a conversation with a friend of his this past weekend on FI and on his plan to retire in 16 years with a pension, fully paid off rental homes and his primary residence paid off, plus 401k and 457 balances
  • Voicemail from Harrison: Info on an alternative to Vanguard and VTSAX. He recommends SWTSX which has  a lower expense ratio and no minimum balance
  • Voicemail from Paul: Part 1 of 3 as a live case study with his life
  • Our questions for Paul for Part 2 of the case study
  • Voicemail from Isaac with a question on travel rewards and how to deal with Chase’s 5/24 strategy
  • Feedback from Nia – international perspective and info for UK listeners
  • Itunes reviews and the 2 winners of The Simple Path to Wealth
  • Where ChooseFI is going: Ideas from the audience and future episodes

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9 thoughts on “020R | The Friday Roundup | Introducing our First CrowdSourced Case Study & FI plan”

  1. NIce show.

    On the crowdsourcing case study, one philosophical question that needs to be resolved is what level of support for education do they intend to provide for their daughter beyond high school, and have those funds been segregated already? Along those lines, do they expect to be supporting any other persons in whole or in part going forward?

    You could probably do a whole show just on raising kids not to want things. As with the Jim Rohn observation, it generally starts with you and your spouse being two of those people that you would want you children to emulate in basic, everyday habits. As an example, contrast (1) parents that take the entire family shopping together as “entertainment”, with (2) parents who make lists, show their kids how to be smart about it and get in and out of the stores as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  2. Not sure what extra questions to ask but regarding Social Security, what would we need to know for Paul’s case study. Is this going to be included in the study? I think it should. I work in a space where I see a lot of social security payments and have seen payments close to 2,000$ monthly. I think it’s worth accounting for. I know I include those numbers in my own FI plan.

  3. I second the recommendation for SBLI for life insurance. We got many, many quotes for my husband’s life insurance, and they offered the best rates by far.

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