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076 | Planned Spontaneity | Mrs. Adventure Rich

Mrs. Adventure Rich talks about making the choice to live an adventurous life, her family’s pursuit of financial independence, and finding a balance between maximizing financial opportunities and living a happy, fulfilling, high quality of life.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Adventure Rich are anonymous bloggers from Michigan, who are pursuing both financial independence and living a life of daily adventure.
  • How did Mrs. Adventure Rich get started on the path to Financial Independence?
  • Does Mrs. AR find herself recommending FI resources to friends and family?
  • How did Mrs. and Mr. AR come to pursue financial independence together?
  • Where did they start in their pursuit of financial independence?
  • Mrs. AR gives some advice on how to talk finances within a relationship.
  • What does “adventure” mean to Mr. and Mrs. Adventure Rich?
  • What is “planned spontaneity”?
  • How do Mr. and Mrs. AR keep themselves ready and open to taking spontaneous adventures?
  • What supplies do the ARs keep in their go bags?
  • How do a map and a calendar help the ARs choose adventure?
  • What sort of adventures do the ARs choose on a regular basis, and how have they formed a habit of adventure?
  • Be a tourist in your own town/region. Adventure doesn’t have to be hours away.
  • How are the ARs approaching their financial independence?
  • Why haven’t the ARs set a FI date or number, and what considerations went into the decision forgo a date or number?
  • Is FI really about a number, or is it about finding happiness and fulfillment?
  • How has Mrs. AR developed her mindset to be happier in everyday life?
  • What small things does Mrs. AR do on a regular basis to improve her quality of life?
  • What led to Mr. AR’s decision to quit his job, and why do the AR’s feel confident in that decision, even though it will delay financial independence?
  • Why does Mrs. AR like waking up early?
Listen to Brad and Jonathan’s thoughts about this episode here.

Resources and blogs mentioned in this episode:

Adventure Rich Blog ( Update Adventure Rich no longer blogs) Financially Stupid People Are Everywhere: Do Be One of Them The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy Budgets are Sexy Get Rich Slowly Montana Money Adventures Slowly Sipping Coffee: Goodbye FIRE, hello FFLC!   ——————- Thank you for being a part of the ChooseFI community! If you want to support us, here are some easy ways: 1) Leave an iTunes review: 2) Use our page to sign up for travel credit cards Note: We may receive a commission if you are approved for cards on this page 3) Most importantly, find your friends, coworkers, and family members who may be open to this message and tell them about the podcast! (Episode 21 is a great starting place) As Jonathan would say, “The FIRE is spreading my friends!” Related Articles: 076 | Planned Spontaneity | Mrs. Adventure Rich
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