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069R Choose FI How to start a blog

How Michelle chooses her own lifestyle, the benefits of having your own blog and how to start one.

What you’ll hear on today’s show:

  • Review of Monday’s episode
  • How Michelle lives her lifestyle by choice
  • Why it’s a great idea to start a blog
  • The key when creating content
  • Why now is the best time to get started
  • How affiliate marketing works
  • The 4 things you need to start your blog
  • The total cost of starting up
  • Why it takes years to be successful
  • How building this skill set opens doors
  • iTunes and book giveaway

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Others That we didn't Mention on the show

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  • ColorPick EyeDropper Chrome extension | Allows you to find the exact color that is being used and replicate it
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9 thoughts on “069R | How to Start a Blog

  1. I am a bit concerned. I started my personal finance blog http://www.mothermoney.org . After listening to this Podcast I am discouraged because I feel I will not have success with my domain name. The .com option wasn’t available. I’ve had it for maybe one month now but have already started to build my brand and I am very connected with “Mother Money” because there is a deep meaning behind it. Would you guys suggest changing my domain name and changing my FB, IG and other accounts?

    • Hi Anna, I did this with my website for my real estate business and looking back I don’t see the value. I think if people are going to be putting in highly private info then yes but if not, I wouldn’t do it.

  2. Good content gents. I’m hoping to start my first website in the next month and the info was really useful. Please note that the link to Siteground is incorrect.

    You mentioned offering some kind of freebie or value add for those that sign up to email. What is the risk of someone signing up to be a subscriber, getting the freebie and then unsubscribing once they have the freebie? Does this tend to be a high or low percentage of subscribers?

    Thanks and keep up the great content
    Nick (New Zealand)

  3. Any references regarding where you can find a list of companies that offer affiliate marketing programs? It seems the Google search is riddled with links that don’t appear to come from reliable sources.

  4. Great podcast filled with good information on starting a blog.
    I would like to see a future episode outlining the next steps after a new blog is up and running.

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