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Managing Stress by Leveraging FI | The Fioneers | Ep 229

The Fioneers

What You’ll Get Out Of Today’s Show

  • The path to FI doesn’t look the same for everyone. It’s a balancing act, designed with intention to regain freedom in a way that aligns with your values.
  • The Fioneers, Jessica and Corey, aren’t racing toward FI. They believe that the journey to financial independence should be as remarkable as the destination, leading them to the concept of Coast FI.
  • With Coast FI, you have enough saved in your retirement accounts where if you were to leave them untouched, without adding or removing, you will have enough money for a comfortable retirement.
  • Back in 2011, Jessica and Corey’s initial exposure to FI and the community’s stories did not resonate with them, as they worked for non-profits and weren’t high earners. However, they took to heart the idea that an increased savings rate could shorten their working careers.
  • Convincing your partner to pursue financial independence can be challenging. Though Corey was continually pushing to save more, it wasn’t numbers or spreadsheets that finally convinced Jessica. It took her finding her “why” to get onboard.
  • Incremental freedom is gained on the way to FI. Both their savings and savings rate enabled Jessica to quit a stressful job.
  • While living a life by design and building a life that they loved, they reduced their stress and spending triggers. Much to their surprise, they saved $17,000 in the first year, getting them back on track with their original retirement timeline even though Jessica was only working part-time.
  • Tracking and rating pain points throughout the week is a simple practice to help reduce the stress and burnout leading to spending triggers.
  • Saying no in a toxic work situation is difficult. Reduce on-the-job stress using tactics and strategies for saying no without having to actually say no.

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