070R | Left Behind

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Updates from Brad and Jonathan, review of Vickie Robin’s episode, discussion of how ChooseFI aims to handle politics, and more updates from the ChooseFI community.

Notes from the show:

  • Brad is moving houses, making good community a priority in his family’s life.
  • CampFi MidAtlantic this weekend is Virginia this weekend, but there’s two more this year: Aug. 3-6 in Joshua Tree, Calif., Sept 7-10 in Little Rock, Ark. More info here: CampFi.
  • Jonathan started Skinny Waste, Fat Wallet. First episode is up on YouTube. www.choosefi.tv.
  • Review of Vickie Robin’s episode.
  • Brad and Jonathan’s thoughts about “making a dime” and “real hourly wage”.
  • Everything you buy beyond “enough” is just clutter.
  • Can people get rich pinching pennies?
  • Brad is coming face-to-face with his family’s clutter as he’s packing up his house.
  • Brad has more than 70 library books in his house right now!
  • Jonathan wonders how we can better manage our society’s waste problems?
  • ChooseFI has always been, and continues to be, apolitical – the podcast is about finding common ground.
  • Brad is really excited about how the ChooseFI community responded to Vicki Robin’s podcast.
  • Jonathan questions Vicki’s suggestion about free college.
  • Is a bachelor’s degree becoming the new high school diploma?
  • Should Vicki’s “real hourly wage” include the cost of education and the age at which someone is making their wage?
  • Brad talks about how we can find common ground trying to solve problems.
  • Kevin, from the ChooseFI community, will be hosting a webinar about healthcare at 6 p.m. (MST) on Saturday, April 14. Max 50 people. Sign up here: Kevin’s Healthcare Webinar.
  • Wendy and her husband made $86,000 in gains in just 10 months. Biggest change: grocery shopping at Aldi’s.
  • Is it possible to spend more than $100 at Aldi’s?
  • ChooseFI-er Brad emails about how travel hacking helped his family cover medical care costs and will help him spend quality time with his son.
  • ChooseFI podcast is even easier to access now, having been added to Amazon’s Alexa devices in Canada, Australia, India and the U.K. Access the podcast by saying “Alexa, start ChooseFI”.


Links from this episode:

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3 thoughts on “070R | Left Behind

  1. Doesn’t college give you something other than money? How about the friends you gravitate too, where did you meet them? How about your spouse? Where did you meet your spouse? Maybe not college, maybe your job-but how did you get that job? Just the way people speak or write you can tell how educated people are. Even Bill Gates children go to one of the best private schools in the country. Maybe they won’t go to college, but their high school is better than quite a few colleges.

  2. love the show guys, funny that I did not see anything political in Vicki’s message
    regarding healthcare, education and universal basic income.
    A perspective from Australia , I suspect people from the northern Europe would have a
    similar view.

  3. Dudes! just now finished listening to every podcast. Started with Pillars of FI then went back to #1 and went through them all. Listening to 3-5 or so per day as I work. Learned so much info from all of these. We live in an amazing time where we can have this technology to use for the betterment of mankind. I wish I had this information when I was in my youth. I recommend this podcast to everyone I know. I miss having an Aldi near me after moving. I use the concepts from the show to teach my kids the things I’ve learned and they have now started asking to listen to them as well. Got the Choose FI shirts for me and the kids to help make us all more self aware and be able to bring it up in conversation when people ask what it is.

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